Gorgeous Tin Ceiling Designs For Your Next Home Renovation

Tin ceiling tiles are slowly but surely making their way back to home décor and interior. If you are going to get bored by your plain ceiling then the solution to this unavoidable problem is to decorate with modern and stylish ceiling. You can easily install tin tiles yourself, helping you to save a considerable amount of money. They are very attractive as well as affordable.

Tin tiles have been around for almost two centuries now. Introduced back in the mid-19th century, middle-class families of America readily accepted these tiles. They considered these tiles as a worthy replacement of more expensive decorated plaster ceilings which only the wealthy Europeans could afford.

Gorgeous Tin Ceiling Designs For Your Next Home Renovation

by Mina Brinkey

Tin ceilings at that time were such an innovative idea. They were cost effective, very light and easy to use. They were far superior to plaster regarding quality and durability. Most importantly, they had intricate design details, making them extremely popular among the middle and working classes.  The popularity of tin ceiling tiles faded in the late 1880s after the emergence of drywalls or acoustic drop ceilings. Restoration experts recovered the preserved tin tiles much later when they started a campaign to restore the original grandeur of the old houses.

Following are few ideas if you are considering using these tiles for your next home improvement project.

Colored Tin Ceiling Tiles:

You can make low room ceiling look much higher by adding light colored tin tiles to the ceiling. However, you can use brighter, bolder colors in areas like the bathroom. Similarly, you must opt for mochas or burgundy for your living room. However, what matters most when it comes to using tin tiles for your ceiling is the style of home décor you want as well as your particular taste.

Gorgeous Tin Ceiling Designs For Your Next Home Renovation

by W Dylan Gilliam

Backsplash Tin Ceiling Tiles:

As the name suggest, these ceilings have garnered immense popularity, especially for bathrooms and kitchens. In this regard, six-pattern tiles can help you create a mesmerizing backsplash effect. However, you can also use 12-pattern tiles to achieve the same effect. You have to nail up these tiles rather than snap locking them.

Gorgeous Tin Ceiling Designs For Your Next Home Renovation

by Bravehart Design Build

Different Designs:

More and more homeowners are using unfinished tin panels to decorate their room ceilings. These kind of tin tiles are far superior to the economy or colored aluminum tin tiles. They are made of steel stamped bright tin plated panels. They are also available in various patterns, designs, colors, and types. The most popular colors in this regard are white, mocha, burgundy, rust, bronze, silver, black and gold.

You can also use a color of your choice to paint the unfinished tin tiles. On the other hand, you can apply a protective cover in the shape of clear polyurethane if you decided to use colored tiles. You can use six drywall screws to anchor these tiles directly to the ceiling.

Gorgeous Tin Ceiling Designs For Your Next Home Renovation

by Eren Design and Remodel

The Grand Comeback of Tin Ceiling Tiles:

As mentioned above, tin ceiling tiles have made a grand comeback after staying in oblivion for decades. They have once again become an indispensable part of home décor across the world. Homeowners have bombarded the interior decorators with the demands of tin ceiling tiles for their homes. Even builders are widely using them in their new home models to entice the people to buy them. Interior designers themselves seem to be very enthusiastic about the growing popularity of these tiles.

Many companies are copying the style of original tin ceiling tiles used in the mid-19th century. These tiles come with silver, copper, and antique finishes which were a hallmark of old designs, also inducing a nostalgic yearning for that era. Similarly, you can also purchase tin tiles with modern and contemporary designs to meet the requirements of the 21st-century architecture. Some designers merge the looks of the plaster and tin ceilings by using white paint for the later. But – most people want to imitate the style of the 19th century. As a result, the original tin look is making a comeback as well.

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