Why cPanel Hosting is All The Rage Now – 8 Reasons Revealed

Why cPanel Hosting is All The Rage Now - 8 Reasons Revealed

Before we look into features of cPanel Hosting it is pertinent to first grasp exactly what the term “cPanel Hosting” denotes. More info on cloud hosting can be found here: cPanel Hosting Reviews.

A user-friendly and dynamic interface is vital to leveraging traffic to your website which consequently is indispensable in your quest to expand your business and increase your clientele. Now, if this is your goal, go for cPanel hosting or in other terms search for a hosting company that offers cPanel as the control panel. cPanel is synonymous with convenience in the web hosting market.

What is cPanel Hosting?

A hosting server that offers cPanel means it’s offering cPanel hosting. cPanel hosting, ever since it has been introduced, has taken the world by storm owing to its usability. It allows users to manage their websites easily and effectively without having to hire administrators or getting help from webmasters. Even newbie online entrepreneurs with high aims of expanding their business can manage their website and make it extremely user-friendly for the clients. It though is a Linux based program, does not need any prior knowledge to handle it. cPanel hosting offers a variety of tools and scripting options that have made things unbelievably simple for those who have no tech based knowledge.

Why Choose cPanel Hosting?

  1. Time-savvy: Installation of various scripts like Joomla, phpBB, OS commerce and variety of others that are necessary for a dynamic website, is a matter of a few clicks. You don’t have to spend hours toiling with software installations anymore now.
  2. Feasibility: It offers convenience which no other hosting option provides. With cPanel hosting, you can manage your website anytime and from anywhere in the world; all you need to have is an internet connection.
  3. Security: You get to enjoy an unprecedented level of security in cPanel hosting as it comes with some of the best and latest defense mechanisms against viruses, malware and minimizes the chances of cross site scripting attack to a great deal.
  4. Automatic Updates: You don’t have to worry about getting your system updated every now and then, as it comes with automatic updates, so take a sigh of relief.
  5. Host several sites: The add-on domain feature allows you to host several sites along with creating many sub domains as well.
  6. Strong Backup: It provides entrenched backups of databases. With a simple download, you can store your sensitive data easily.
  7. Password Protection: You can put passwords on your online folders to make them inaccessible to people whom you don’t want to allow making changes in them.
  8. Create multi email accounts: It allows you to make as many email accounts as you want and manage them perfectly as well.

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While cPanel hosting is not just popular but also has become a necessity for web owners, it is important to choose a good cPanel hosting company. Do a bit of research before you settle for one. Take out a few minutes to check online reviews of a few companies and then compare and contrast their packages; features and prices. Make sure the company you choose offers a great round the clock tech support. Contact them and check the response time yourself.

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