All About The Periodontist Of Simi Valley Dentist

All About The Periodontist Of Simi Valley Dentist

General dentists refer patients to a periodontist for a detailed evaluation before considering a reconstruction. So a periodontist specializes in prevention and diagnosis of periodontal disease, placing implants and oral inflammation. Their treatment includes various cosmetic periodontal procedures such as root planning and scaling but sometimes they need to use surgical methods if required. A periodontist is extensively trained in this area as they have received education for additional three years after dental school.

Job Of A Periodontist

Periodontist not only care for gums but also provide care for people who are suffering from certain conditions that make them more prone to gum diseases, like diabetes patients. Periodontist in Simi Valley Dentistperforms various types of general, periodontist, and cosmetic dental procedures. They perform various cosmetic procedures but mostly they focus on correctional procedures for gum structures. A Periodontist offers a lot of cosmetic procedures too, like implant placement and correction for gum recession. A gum recession procedure can result in a beautiful gum smile line.

Procedures Of Periodontal Care

On your first visit, the periodontist will ask for dental and medical histories and will check you for other medical conditions that increase the risk factor for periodontal diseases. In the Simi valley dentist various experienced and professional dentist from all fields of dental care are offered. During the next visit, the periodontist will check your gum line for recession, loose teeth, and the teeth’s fitting while biting. The periodontist will place a probe in between the gums and teeth to measure the periodontal pockets. This is how the periodontist assesses the gums. Sometimes they take X-rays to assess the condition of the bone situated below your gum line.