Get Some Best Landscaping Ideas For Your Garden

Get Some Best Landscaping Ideas For Your Garden

Do you want to add some variety and attraction in your garden? You can decorate both your front as well as back yards by trying out some innovative ideas. Here are few glimpses of them.

Welcome Guests with Flowers: As flowers have the power to welcome your guests warmly, you can try them out in the entrance. Use assorted colorful perennials and annuals like Lily, Snapdragon, and Gertrude Jekyl. You can use the space between your house and the street by placing a low fence in the front yard. It provides you with an illusion in your eyes that the house is far away from the street. You can also use the fence for planting vines or flowers.

Rambling Vines: Clematis can be used as rambling vines as it offers blue, purple, red, pink or white blossoms. You can grow them in a container; scramble them over shrubs and perennials. You can plant the clematis during fall or spring as the weather remains cool during these seasons. You can use fertilizers every month during summer and spring. Some of the flowers bloom from old growth and some from the new growth. You should keep a check when you are buying and when you require pruning them.

Decorate Driveway: You can easily hide your driveway by carefully choosing your materials. You can create a raised island within the lawn just at the center of the drive. After that you can add a boxwood hedge just at the back of that island. The perennials and the annuals will surely rise on top of the hedge just in front. You can try blending different colors, heights as well as textures in your driveway to give it an eye-catching look. You can take guidance from King Landscape Company to learn various ideas for dressing up your driveway.

Plant Lilies: Lilies are flowers which grow almost in every season and without much need of fertilizers. Crinums are also lily like flowers which are very colorful and fragrant in nature. They can grow almost in any soil but require five hours of Sun during day. Crinum flowers grow mostly in tropical south and lower coastal areas. If you cannot avail lilies, you can definitely decorate your front yard with variety of Crinums.

Protect From Deer: If you are afraid that your flowers might be gobbled up by deer, then try planting flowers that are attractive to humans but irritating to deer. You can use butterfly weed or butterfly bush and can use them in the center of your garden where you have well drained soil.

Baskets and Planters: Planters and baskets can add dimensions in your garden. Raised planters or hanging baskets can provide proper aeration as well as good drainage for your plants. Baskets may include spiller plants that can be hanged down the edges like fillers. It may be tall and attractive in the center which hangs down through the edges.

Attractive Shrubs: If you want to display attractive shrubs in your garden, you may use Chinese snowballs which blooms during the late spring. The height of the plant is generally 12 to 20 feet tall as well as wide. You are required to find a large spot in your garden where it has room to grow without any hindrance. It requires well drained soil and sometimes pruning can be necessary.

While you are creating landscape designs, you can use your unused garages, sheds and outdoor spaces for displaying your flowers and plants. You can also use fiberglass planters on wooden planks in your unused shelves in outdoor space. On the base of the wooden structure, potted ferns can add value in your garden.