How To Be The Person In Your Office That Everyone Loves

How To Be The Person In Your Office That Everyone Loves

Within the office environment, it’s expected to be working with those who are responsible, organised and complete their work on time. But the very best workers are also polite, pleasant and generally willing to play their part in making office life work. Here are some tips to follow to be the beloved colleague in no time:

Remember to Restock

Are you the kind of person who tends to use up the last of the sugar when making tea without refilling the jar, or takes the last few sticky notes without letting the person in charge of office supplies know they’ve run out? If so, it’s important to be thoughtful and let the relevant person know that the office has run out of certain things that you come across. Don’t let the next person deal with it.

Communication is Key

Strong communication skills are a must no matter where you work. Especially in emails and memos, it’s important to present yourself as someone who’s always engaged in work. Prefacing an email with a friendly greeting can make a positive impression.

Be Open and Sociable

You should always make an effort to greet and interact with your co-workers when possible throughout the day. Don’t feel pressured to attend every single work social, but try and make the effort to make the ones you can go to. You spend most of your day with your co-workers; why not get to know them a little better away from the office setting?

Keep Areas Tidy

Does your office have its own break room, lunch room or kitchen? If so, be sure to clean up after yourself and not leave a mess behind – this means throwing rubbish away and clean up any plates or cups that you’ve used. Don’t leave the cleaners or co-workers to do it for you.

Other Little Things

Of course the main priority at work should be your work, you should always put your energy and motivation into your projects and assignments and focus on being the best you can be. With that said, you should also make the extra effort for your co-workers as well. If you go away on holiday, why not bring back some treats for the office? Or if you’re moving house and need to give stuff away, maybe spread the word that you’re doing so around the office? By all means, go the extra mile in your assigned work, but try to nurture solid, rewarding relationships with your co-workers.

Try practicing the habits above and you may find yourself being awarded as the next employee of the month.

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