Inventory Management Program

The latest version of the LoMag warehouse management program can be downloaded from When you are installing the LoMag, it will automatically install all the necessary components required for the smooth running of the program. By default, the program comes with an installation on one computer. In order to run the program in a network, you need to connect all the computers through local network. Then you are required to install the program in all the computers separately and then go to the Program/Setting/Network operations and select ‘This computer is a server’ for any one of your computers. Do not forget the name of the server that is displayed when you make one of your computers as a server. Then on the remaining computers select the option ‘This computer is a client and it connects with the server’ and enter the name of the server which was displayed.

Manage Any Number of Warehouses

The inventory management program allows you to manage any number of warehouses without any problem. When you launch the program, a window pops up that allows you to select the warehouse on which you wish to work. You can also add a new warehouse from the warehouse selection window and also change the names and codes of the existing warehouses. When you start working you can import the list of the items from the Excel file. Single import module is available in the ‘Items/import from Excel’ menu.

Check the Item List Easily

In order to check the item list you will have to select the ‘Items/Item list’ option in the menu or simply press Ctrl + T or go in the tool bar and click on the item list icon. All the methods will take you to your item list and are added to make sure that you are able to manage your warehouse easily.