New Emerging Business Technologies To Watch In 2015

The year 2014 gas brought many new things to the market, but that has yet to end since it only continues more to the following year – 2015. Yes, it is true that many technologies and gadgets were launched in 2014, but even if the year has not ended yet, there are already a lot of new developments that are expected to hit next year. Existing information showed that 2015 will be a big breakthrough for new tech, specifically within the business world. Hence, it is no surprise that many of those in the business world are already anticipating the introduction of these new business technologies. Some of the business technologies that are highly awaited are:

1. 12-Atom Memory Storage by IBM

Storing even one bit of data requires about a million magnetically charged atoms today, but IBM has good news! IBM announced their plans of changing memory storage in the world of games. They plan to launch a new system next year that can store about the same data amount by using only 12 atoms. Once it’s launched, you will automatically enjoy a storage that is a hundred times denser. The company aims to bring this product next year.

2. iTwin Connect

An increase in the number of users accessing the web will continue to rise. While it does, expect that more security concerns will emerge as well, but iTwin Connect already got that covered! It is a tool that can help businessmen by keeping important company information safe while on the move. So, you no longer need to worry about working from airports, coffee shops and hotels because this device will keep your information secure. It has a built-in VPN service that allows you to share files.

3. Apple iWatch

Aside from Smartphones, smartwatches are the other devices that have populated the market quickly after the first one was launch. The only difference is Apple did not launch theirs immediately and is only about to do so in 2015. So, for those who have waited for Apple iWatch, receive the year with a blast by getting yourself one of these as soon as it is released! It is a perfect item for business professionals who are always on the go as they run their business. The item is lightweight, flexible and lets you experience the changing iPhone by putting it right on your wrist. It boasts access to all features iPhone has become known for! That includes Siri!

4. Delivery Technologies

Are you in the industry that involves international courier services? Well, good for you since it is among the industries that will benefit from the emerging technologies that are to be brought about in 2015. Most of the focus of these technologies is centered on delivery and real-time sourcing, ones that can bring insight to your point of decision. With such technologies that can be expected to be utilized as the world turns to another year, it is guaranteed that courier services like parcel delivery to France will become more efficient!

Are you prepared for the coming year? If not, you should be since there are already a lot of promises when it comes to the world of technology.

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