Preparing Your Skin For Cooler Weather

Preparing Your Skin For Cooler Weather

Autumn is just around the corner, and winter isn’t too far behind. You probably remember that each year when the weather gets cooler your skin starts to get dryer and you need to do more to help take care of it. Sure, summer is about sun safety, but the cold months are all about moisturizing.

Dry skin isn’t the only issue with winter (and fall) weather though. So, it’s about more than just using a little extra moisturizer. If you want to keep your skin healthy in the colder climate, here are a few issues you might have, and how to deal with them.

Dry Elbows

There is less moisture in the air when winter finally strikes, and between summer and winter this dryness takes over. For some people that dry air is painful on their skin. While all of your skin may experience extra dryness, and a new itch, elbows can be even more susceptible.

Dry air makes moisturizing even more important, especially on areas of the body that are more dry by reputation, like elbows. Dry skin on elbows catching on sweater material can be painful. Each time you take a shower your skin dries out even more. Use oils in the shower to help moisturize your skin, and always apply moisturizer when you get out. Also, redo your cream on elbows and other dry spots often.


Yes, windburn is a real thing. Windburn is caused by the dry and cold winter air, and it can start to affect your skin as soon as the summer warmth and humidity have left. While this painful redness may resemble and feel like a sunburn, it isn’t.

Instead of leaving your face open to the effects of wind burn, when you are out in the cold and wind, wear a scarf around your face. Also, apply moisturizer when you get back in out of the cold to give some of those oils back to your sensitive and dry skin.

Back Acne

Some people suffer from acne all year long, not just teens either. One of the worst acne issues for some people is the back acne they get during winter sweater weather. You are no longer letting your skin breath as much as it was during the summer, and pores are getting clogged.

It’s easy not to pick at back pimples, but you also want to make sure when you shower you aren’t scrubbing them too much. Keep clean, and give your skin some time to air out from being bundled up and sweaty, and you’ll find your “bacne” tends to go away on its own.


The sun doesn’t just hibernate in the winter, so you want to make sure that you are still wearing sun protection when spending time outside, whether you are going through a corn maze, taking a color tour hike, enjoying a hay ride, or playing in the early snowfall.

Sunburn does happen when cold weather hits, so you still want to keep the sunblock out. You also want to watch how much time your spending in the outdoors without a hat on, to protect your scalp from the sun as well.

Your skin is your body’s biggest organ. Take care of it.