Schools For Your London Acting Courses

Schools For Your London Acting Courses

Probably you have always wanted to learn acting so to become an actor, or you are a good performer looking forward to developing your skills. Whichever the case is, the smart choice to take is to invest in a standard training course, and should you like to be skilled in the London acting way, then I will straight away recommend you go for acting classes in Method Acting. Aside from Method Acting, here are some highly recommendable schools for your London acting courses:

The Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama (RSAMD):

RSAMD is undoubtedly the top choice when it comes to drama training within the far and wide of Scotland. For their undergraduate level courses, RSAMD offer their students a three-year training programme with a resounding BA in Acting, another new BA in Musical Theatre and also postgraduate training in directing and acting. March ending and May ending are the closing dates for applications for both the BA and postgraduate respectively.

To qualify for admission in an academic year, one will need to meet up with their entry requirements, get through and pass a demanding audition process whose competition is so high and with a very few place.

Acting Coach Scotland (ACS):

One of the series of acting classes available from Acting Coach Scotland in Glasgow might be considered for a complete alternative approach to actor training.

Their acting classes are available for several students, from the beginner to the experienced professional aiming a Master class. ACS is managed by Mark Westbrook- an experienced Acting Coach director who has worked with countless UK actors, and he has also written many plays critically acclaimed.

Acting classes here run in eight (8)-week evening blocks at varying intervals in one year. Sizes of groups are deliberately kept small for the purpose of seriousness and understanding.

The University of Strathclyde:

Drama in the University of Strathclyde is run by Ramshorn Theatre. The University’s Certificates in Professional Development from different aspects in film and theatre run over the summer and Easter schools. It is however advised that interested candidates call them to confirm if the school is still on, as their site displays ‘2006 dates to be confirmed’.

Again, there are also available some varieties of short-courses that run for a few hours on weekly bases, for eight (8) -to- ten (10) weeks. These courses are also credit valued towards ‘Open Studies Certificate’. Acting topics include but not limited to- ‘Shakespeare in Practice’, ‘Finding Your Voice’ and ‘The Art of Acting’.

The Actor’s Bothy:

This is a weekly studio practice strictly meant for professional actors. It is being held in Glasgow at the Centre for Contemporary Arts. To participate, one is expected to apply with his or her CV and headshot.

The Actor’s Bothy was started by J. Watson. James Watson went to Drama Studio and Focus Theatre Studio in London and Dublin respectively where he had his training. Members of The Actor’s Bothy meet every Saturday to explore their different skills, while they invite professionals in the field to deliver workshops, master classes and short courses.