The Magnificent City Of Bhopal

The Magnificent City Of Bhopal

Bhopal is a quite popular city of India and it happens to be the capital city of the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. It is also the administrative headquarters of Bhopal division and Bhopal district. It is quite popularly known as the City of Lakes for the large number of artificial and natural water bodies such as lakes and ponds here. Historically it is a quite important city as it has served as the capital to the former Bhopal state. Bhopal is currently ranked as 14 among the largest cities of the country as well. There are various legends and folklores associated with the city. One of the states who the city has been founded by the king Bhoja from the Parmar dynasty during 1000 to 1055 AD. He ruled here from his capital city at Dhar.

According to this account, the city of Bhopal was originally called as Bhojpal after him and moreover, the dam named “pal” was named after him. Historians and archaeologists have tried to find some solid evidence to confirm this theory but no such archaeological evidence has been found yet. There are no inscriptions or historical texts who actually confirm this hypothesis regarding early settlements found by King Bhoja at the same place. However a temple complex who was constructed by him is located in Bhojpur and it lies merely 27 km from the current Bhopal city. Moreover another theory suggests that the city of Bhopal was named after another king named Bhupala or Bhupal. If you happen to be a history lover, you need to choose a suitable hotel  near the forts and historic buildings of Bhopal. You can decide upon your budget for your visit and then check out the hotels in Bhopal with rates so as to make an informed choice regarding your place of stay.

During the early 18th century, the city used to be a small village in the Gond kingdom. Dost Mohammad Khan, an Afghan soldier of Mughal army, established the foundation of the modern Bhopal city. When emperor Aurangzeb passed away, Mohammad Khan started providing mercenary services to a large number of local chieftains in Malwa region, which was a politically unstable region during that time. Then during 1709, Mohammad took the lease of Berasia estate and then he annexed several territories in the nearby region so as to establish Bhopal state. The current territory of Bhopal was acquired by Khan from Rani Kamlapati of Gond kingdom in lieu of payment for his mercenary services. Later he usurped her kingdom after she passed away. He built the Fatehgarh fort in the village in the 1720s. This later developed into the city of Bhopal over the next few decades. Bhopal is home to a large number of institutions and buildings of national significance. This includes BHEL and ISRO’s Master Control Facility. There are also a large number of significant educational institutes in the city such as AIIMS, MANIT, SPA, and IISER. This makes it one of the primary educational centres in the country. Apart from this, there are a lot of 4 star hotels in Bhopal to give you a welcoming stay.

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