Top Questions To Ask Prior To Signing A Lease

Top Questions To Ask Prior To Signing A Lease

Life in an apartment can be challenging or fun. It all depends with the way you approach this lifestyle. Sadly, many people living apartments are clueless about how to better their lives while residing in their apartments. One aspect that most people have no idea on the best way to handle it is leasing. Between leasing and buying an apartment, which makes more economic sense? When is the right time to quit leasing? Which questions should one ask before signing a lease agreement? These are just some of the many questions related to leasing that many folks do not have answers to.

The following are the top questions you need to ask before signing a lease agreement:

Question #1: Questions About Paint

In most cases, your landlord will paint your apartment before you move in. However, before signing a lease, it is prudent to inquire whether you can supply your preferred paint colours. This helps in ensuring you have colours that you love inside your rooms. It also saves both time and money on the landlord’s part because he or she does not have to repeat the painting again in order to match your colour preferences.

Question #2: Questions About the upgrade of Appliances

You should always check out all appliances in your prospective apartment before signing the lease agreement. For instance, ensure that the fridge has a separate freezer or if your prospective landlord is willing to upgrade it. You should pitch the idea of electricity or energy efficiency.

Question #3: Questions on Carpet upgrade

Is the carpet in your prospective house worse for wear? Can your landlord switch it out or could the carpet use some deep cleaning? Prior to signing of the lease, check out whether the landlord will foot the bill related to upgrading of the carpet in your apartment or whether he or she will split the charges with you.

Question #4: Question on Utilities

Ensure that you perfectly understand all the responsibilities of the landlord. You must also know for certain all your obligations as a lease. Remember you are responsible for things such as electricity and trash.

Question #5: Questions on the Last Tenants

It is prudent to ask about who the last tenants were. Also, inquire about how long they lived in the apartment and the reason that prompted them to move out. This provides plenty of insight into both the property and landlord. It sheds light on whether the landlord is vague or otherwise.

Question #6: Questions About Major Repairs

Has your prospective apartment undergone major repairs in the recent past? Check out for repairs such as Mole Reparation, New Central Air, or New Pipe. Inquire whether there have been any such repairs within the past five years.

Question #7: Questions on the Garden

Another important question you need to ask touches on the garden. Inquire about exterior maintenance. Most of the times, landlords conduct pesticide spray a number of times every year. You should seek to know the number of times such activities take place especially if you have pets.

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