What Do Women Love To Wear In Offices?

What Do Women Love To Wear In Offices?

Women always have been beauty conscious and love to wear clothes that best represent them and enhance their personality and style. It is a well known fact that first impression does mean a lot to women and they would like to create the right atmosphere around them, especially when they are in the corporate world. Being in a male dominated world, women need to have that personality and confidence that is required on their part to surge ahead of the male counterparts when it comes to availing promotions and perks. Hence, they need to concentrate on their clothing, so that they are not taken lightly. This is because; assumptions often are made on the ability and personality of the person in just few seconds. Wearing the right clothes would mean, sending across the right signals to the seniors and to be in the race to be the best. With most organizations introducing corporate uniforms, it does become easy for the employees to maintain the decorum and the right environment.

Knowing the proper way to dress for the office could prove to be overwhelming to most women. The reason is that women’s business attire has more choices than that of men. Colors, style, make-up, accessories and fabric need to be considered. Most women tend to fail in this regard and do make very poor choices. It is necessary to keep in mind that the dress selected to wear for office needs to be professional, rather than being trendy. In order to be a corporate woman, it would be essential to dress elegantly and simple.

Tips to dress professionally and fashionably without being indecent or absurd

  1. Colors: This does play a vital role to enhance the professional image of the corporate woman. Traditional colors like gray do provide a conservative impression, black signifies chic, red connotes aggressiveness and navy blue would mean trustworthy. Dusty rose, pale or aqua blue would show feminine and being authoritative. White leaves impression that the individual has desire to be perfect and have intricate ideas. Brown stands for honesty, practical or wholesome. Working women are advised to go for solids such as 5 basic shades that are navy, black, brown, white or camel when selecting skirts, pants or suites. The blouse color is selected with complimentary with the women’s hair, mood or complexion.
  1. Shoes: One should be beware of narrow stiletto types, while high heels are fashionable and nice. They are not just inappropriate, but also quite comfortable. Climbing stairs, walking and standing for longer period of time, especially during busy days, need to be considered. No one would be interested to end the particular day with sore toes, corns and calluses. Also, there is a need to avoid wearing sandals and open toe shoes, since they are inappropriate, while some organizations do prohibit wearing them. At the same time, athletic footwear and worn out shoes are best avoided. It is necessary to wear stylish shoes, but within the business attire. Also, it would be better to wear thicker and wider type of heels for giving the feet the much needed comfort and support.

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