5 Luxury Travel Destinations You’d Love To Be With Your Partner

5 Luxury Travel Destinations You’d Love To Be With Your Partner

Selecting a travel destination as a couple can be a draining task, especially if you recently got married. According to Amanda Statham, a travel editor for You & Your Wedding magazine, who has traveled numerous luxury resorts and hotels, there are plenty of travel destinations around the world for newly engaged couples and those who have lived together for a long time. In case you are planning to take your partner to a luxurious destination, lets have a look at some of the ideal places you can consider.

  1. Niyama, Maldives

The stylish new Maldives resort has everything a couple needs for unforgettable retreat including basic essentials such as turquoise lagoon and white sand beach with many more travel ideas—but there are other features that make it unique. Couples don’t have to be tucked up in bed by 10pm as they are in Subsix nightclub where they can observe reef sharks and rays through ceiling-to-floor windows while dancing six meters below sea level. If you want post-party restoration, you have access to spa 24 hour in a day. Give your romance some credentials by taking sunset drinks at rooftop bar Farenheit, where you can also watch a beach cinema beneath the stars.

  1. Sugar Beach, A Viceroy Resort in St. Lucia

This is an expansive resort with the best setting in the Caribbean. It is marked by 59 villas that are dotted along a hillside sandwiched between the Piton Peaks adjacent to a golden beach that looks like a crescent. Being one of the UNESCO territories, the forest and mountains are charming. You can enjoy all day on the terrace of your pool villa or take walks along the beach to grab freshly grilled fish or take a warm swim. Rain forest Spas with treehouse treatment rooms are also prominent as well as late-night lounge which look no different from New York.

  1. Taj Lake Palace in India

Commonly recognized as one of India’s most romantic resort, Taj Lake Palace happens to be an attractively protected white marble building that has been floating for over 250 years right at the middle of Lake Picholia. It’s accessed via a boat (a good start for a romantic couple) with features like opulent rooms, domes and ornate windows. The rooms are also adorned with hand-painted murals and exquisite antique furniture. You can have a taste of all the Indian dishes at the Lilly Pond Courtyard if not on a floating, candle-lit pontoon. Couples can also go for massages inside the Jiva Spa. This is the hotel which features in the Bond’s movie Octopussy.

  1. Loisaba in Kenya

If you want to have a real taste of Africa in a luxurious travel destination, heaven-sent Loisaba is the resort to be with your butler. Lying on top of a rocky escarpment in a 600-acre private reserve, the resort is equipped with four-poster beds with timbered deck and handcrafted Koija star beds elevated in an open-air space, where you can spend the night while watching the sky. In the resort, you will get a chance to view the plains to the Mount Kenya. At Loisaba, couples are offered a breathtaking guided evening star safari on foot on horseback. Don’t forget to ask for an al fresco champagne bath for two to unwind together in the bush. You can also enjoy a host of other activities like night game drives, bush breakfasts and sundowners.

  1. Ponta dos Ganchos in Brazil

One of the most outstanding facts about Ponta dos Ganchos is that you can choose to have your breakfast at any time of the day. The resort by Florianopolis has everything simplified for couple who want to have a relaxing moment, like the only available Christian Dior spa in South America with just three ocean-view white tents, 25 vast bungalows and private pools. Enjoy a local dish of basil with octopus rice which is served at petal-strewn tables located at a tiny private island for a distractingly romantic experience. Staffs within the resort have to be familiar with your every move, including favorite dishes and drinks. They also light candles in your room at night and chocolate hearts are served with your initials drawn on top of your coffee during breakfast.


There are plenty of luxurious travel destinations you may want to go with your partner all over the world. Identifying what your partner finds enjoyable will help you plan on your next vacation together. These elegant resorts and hotels offer the best for every couple to feel relaxed and comfortable for all their stay. Accommodation prices may vary depending on location, services offered, season, weather condition and many more. It’s good to choose your luxurious travel destination wisely to ensure that you get value for your cash. Let’s hope you will get a chance to experience these 5 luxury travel destinations with your better half soon. Enjoy!

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