8 Makeup Hacks You Didn’t Know Existed

When you get ready for the day, what part of your routine takes the longest? Which part is the most frustrating? Chances are that your makeup application is somewhere near the top of this list. Many people find that putting on their makeup can be tedious, boring, and often take way too long. That’s why makeup hacks exist.

These hacks are simple tricks that will help you to cut down on your makeup routine while enhancing your looks.

Tip #1: Always Cleanse First

One of the number one mistakes that women make in applying their makeup day after day is doll up a dirty face. There are several reasons to always cleanse the skin on the face before applying makeup, including that:

    • Makeup stays better on clean skin
    • The skin is healthier when is clean and has a better natural glow
    • Makeup comes off easier from clean skin
    • Clean skin is less likely to have acne that extra makeup will have to cover

To clean the skin well, use your best facial cleanser. The best facial cleanser for you will be suited to your skin type, be gentle, and be effective at preventing acne.

Tip #2: Use Spoons

Who knew? Spoons are a girl’s best friend when applying makeup. Use a spoon as a cup under the eye when applying lower mascara. Flip it the other way to protect the upper eyelid and apply upper mascara neatly and with a great curve.

You can also use spoons as straight edges to apply eye shadow in straight or curved lines. This trick can be used for making cat eyes or other special eye styles.

Tip #3: Line With White First

To make any color pop more brightly form your skin, use white product as a base coat. This is the same principle you would use when painting or decorating. A base coat of white just makes every other color shine more brightly and apply more evenly. Many people use white liner or eye shadow as a base, for example.

Tip #4: Hide Dark Spots With Concealer

To remove dark spots on face skin can take a long time. There are many tricks to remove dark spots on face skin, however, sometimes for makeup purposes you just need to hide those spots instead. One method that is tried and true is simply to use concealer. The best way to use this helpful product is to lay an even foundation, dab on a little concealer, and then apply a light powder to make it stick. An important note: don’t spread concealer all over the face. Only put it directly where you need it.

Tip #5: The Many Uses of Baby Powder

Like spoons, baby powder is a powerful tool for making makeup application faster, smoother, and more effective. You can use baby powder to elongate the lashes by dusting just a little bit on in between coats. Likewise, lipstick tends to last longer if baby powder is applied between coats there as well. Some people also use baby powder with their foundation to prevent shine and oiliness, especially in the summer.

Tip #6: Mix Foundation with Other Products

Combining foundation with other products can have really cool effects and save you time. For instance, moisturizer mixed with foundation is better for the skin and has a general lightening effect. Some people blend foundation with baby powder to soak up extra oils.

Another gorgeous trick is to add a little shine or undertone color to foundation by mixing in a little eyeshadow or lip gloss. Some people even add a favorite blush. These foundation blends are applied best near the temples and on the cheeks.

Tip #7: Try New Products

Sometimes the reason that applying makeup is boring, frustrating, or time-consuming is because you have been using the same old traditional products for so long.

Trying new products can make your beauty routine more exciting. Plus, there are a plethora of products that are designed to increase the efficiency of makeup.

For example, there are new products that allow you to apply eye shadow like a cream. Some products cleanse and exfoliate at once. There are even kinds of makeup that are healthy for your skin, fighting signs of aging while helping you look great all day long. Reintroduce yourself to the makeup aisle to hack your tired old routine.

Tip #8: Declutter Your Makeup Area

Like with most things in your daily routine, clutter is a problem in your makeup area. Too many options requires more time choosing. Plus, it’s hard to keep track of what’s still in style or safe to use. Mistakes are also easily made when clutter forces the makeup space to be disorganized.

Take a big step toward making your makeup routine more enjoyable. Get organized. Throw out or give away old products or the products that you don’t like. Make an “everyday use bag” so that when you don’t have time to fuss or play, you have just the essentials to apply.

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