Amazing Experience With File Storage and Sharing Options In Office 365

Storage wars among cloud service providers has been heating up as to who would provide the nest offers on their services. With 1 TB of space provided by Microsoft on 365 did help in eliminating the competition. Given the stiff players in this service sector, it looked inevitable that space constraint in cloud will be eliminated altogether soon. This week however, Microsoft did announce unlimited space storage in 365 making it the first to overcome the barrier of space in cloud sector. For more on Microsoft cloud offerings

Even before office 365, OneDrive served its purpose of facilitating cloud storage for public users. File storage and sharing options in Office 365 Business is one of the best and most advanced of its generation. Just looking at the various features below makes it clear that there is nothing much that leaves it to imagination.

Features of File Storage and Sharing

  • Syncing and storing made easy
    • Syncing and storing at office 365 cloud makes it possible to always have the latest and up to date work. Even when many users are working on the same data, latest collaboration makes editing and saving and updating so much easier and possible.
    • Get unlimited space advantage for all your personal and business need. With space not a factor anymore, it’s time to add all your work to office 365.
    • Share your work with all and everyone. You can now share your work with whomever you wish to share in group or public
  • Share easily
    • Control who you want to share your files and folders with. With new parameters of control you can easily manage whom to share in group and public.
    • Work and edit simultaneously on data from different source. With office 365 it is possible to work on one target through different sources and users.
    • Social collaboration helps creativity and innovation. With right tools and technology, social collaboration gets your updates on your work and files automatically.
  • Team site
    • Office 365 helps maintain team coordination and management. Get access to up to date data every time and anywhere. Better co ordination among team member with latest on project and files makes work so much easier and fast paced.
    • Build your own team member library for all related files and documents within a group. Share project specific work on your own team dais.
    • Take control of your team site by customization and group policies on sharing. Make control policies to streamline work and process. Help greater achievement through sharing work among one group or another.
  • Mobile
    • Microsoft office 365 provides best mobility experience and storage with greater integration and collaboration with iphone and android devices. An iphone or android gives you a storage capacity of max 16 to 32 GB for a standard cell phone. Imagine the convenience of same office 365 in iphone that makes the data storage and sharing unlimited over the cloud through Microsoft datacenter. Makes any mobile device as powerful as a data center in terms of storage.
    • Integrated mobility technology makes file sharing and storage so much fun. With more power to mobile integration, the always connected with the world phrase becomes a reality.

Microsoft 365 does allow its users to share and access and store documents on OneDrive. While working on file, it automatically gets saved to OneDrive, so that it can later be pulled and appended from anywhere and from any device that is connected with internet. These saved documents are copied to a back up and can be appended for later use and sharing. Office 365 uses Office 365 SharePoint for file sharing and storage services.  You can see various plans and offerings on Microsoft 365. The various plans include Office proPlus, office enterprise services which include E1, E3, E4 and others. A Detailed Comparison Office 365 Plans can be found here. These plans for services are varied keeping in mind the different need of each business units. Some business units and home editions users prefer a basic Microsoft office plan suiting its need while still others prefer a most advanced enterprise level plans for complex business process.

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