All You Need To Know About Needle Stick Injuries

All You Need To Know About Needle Stick Injuries

Vaccinations and shots are of pivotal significance in today’s world. Vaccinations at the proper time can help to prevent a lot of infections and diseases from affecting you and your kids. However, prior to getting injected you must ensure that the best quality products like Dispovan syringes are being used so that you can be rest assured that you are free from any chances of infection.

But, at times, a needle stick injury may take place that can have grave consequences. A needle stick injury occurs when a needle from a syringe that is already used for injection punctures or pierces your skin.

There are kids who have a great exposure to needles right at their home (when any of the family members uses insulin syringes). Sometimes a child can also come across a needle in any public places like that of a park. At a point when someone has experienced a needle injury that has been thrown away there is hardly any way to know whether the person using the needle is infected (such HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis B or C) or not.

If your child is injured with a needle then there can be a number of factors that will determine whether there has been any kind of infection or not.

    1. The amount of time that has passed since the needle has been thrown
    2. The number of people in the area who have infection and use the syringe
    3. Whether there was an attached syringe in the needle and has blood inside it
    4. Whether a deep injury has been caused by the needle or is it just a scratch
  • Whether or not your child is vaccinated against the disease

Infections Caused by Needle Stick Injury

  • HIV –Virus Causing AIDS

Until and unless your child is injected with the blood from the syringe that came with the needle there is almost no chance of AIDS infection for him or her. Your physician will discuss the HIV medications and testing options with you.

  • Hepatitis C

There is no vaccination or medication for preventing hepatitis C for your child. But the chances that your child gets infected with this from a needle injury is quite low. Testing will be discussed by your doctor regarding this.

  • Hepatitis B

This happens to be the most likely infection to affect your child after a needle injury. A blood test will confirm whether he or she is protected if your kid has been already vaccinated. Your kid will not get infected if your child has got antibodies. If your kid is not protected even after vaccination or is not vaccinated at all then he or she should be given an IG or immunoglobulin injection for preventing the infection. IG’s antibodies will protect your child until his or her own body starts creating antibodies in response to the vaccine. Hepatitis B vaccination will then be provided to him or her to prevent future infection. Your kid may get 1 or 2 more doses of vaccines if the need arises over the next few months.

Now that you know the threats and precautions that are to be taken to prevent the needle injury, just ensure that you purchase any kind of medical product like needle and syringes from a reputed online medical store in India where you will get authentic products without any risk of infection.

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