An Overview Of Your Favourite Celebrities Who Just Love A Game Of Bingo

If you love hearing the latest news about different celebrities and you love playing bingo as well, then you may already have heard of top actress’ Catherine Zeta-Jones’ love for the game. You may also know that top actor Russell Crowe was once a bingo caller, and loves playing a game of a bingo or two whenever he has some time out from his busy schedule. Going back to Catherine Zeta-Jones, though, it’s really no wonder that she loves the game of bingo – after all, her family won a huge £100,000 bingo jackpot in the 80s, and she and her family commemorate that momentous occasion with bingo games every Christmas.

But there are other top-rated celebrities who, just like you, enjoy playing bingo (whether online, with family or friends, or in bingo halls) whenever they can. So who else loves bingo? Let’s find out.

Robbie Williams

Popular crooner Robbie Williams (of Take That fame) is also well-known for enjoying bingo. In fact, he has been spotted at numerous bingo halls playing his favourite game, and has taken part in various celebrity bingo tournaments as well.

Katie Price and Denise van Outen

When it comes to celebrity bingo, other celebrities such as Katie Price and Denise van Outen also come to mind. Katie Price, that beautiful and alluring model, is reputedly a huge bingo fan, and so is lovely presenter and actress Denise van Outen.

Bono and Emma Bunton

Apparently, singing isn’t the only ‘hobby’ of UK legend Bono and Emma Bunton, the popular and well-liked Spice Girl. Bono, of the legendary band U2, seemingly loves playing in bingo competitions regularly, whilst Emma Bunton really gets down to her game every time she can.

President Bill Clinton

Believe it or not, even noted politicians love a game of bingo or two. Former President Bill Clinton, who is known for his saxophone hobby, also has one other hobby to speak of: bingo. The president likes to relax with a bingo game every once in a while, especially when taking breaks from his many speaking engagements.

Courteney, Paris, and Tori

Those who are familiar with the erstwhile television show “Friends” will certainly be familiar with one of its main stars, Courteney Cox. For bingo fans, it’s a very welcome fact that Courteney Cox is a bingo fan as well. The “Friends” and “Cougar Town” star has been known to host bingo parties and has also participated in various bingo events for charity. The same is true for hot socialite and hotel heiress Paris Hilton, who hasn’t denied her love for the game. Another television star, Tori Spelling (the daughter of producer Aaron Spelling and former actress of that 90’s show, “Beverly Hills 90210”), is also famous for her bingo-loving personality.

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