Get To Know Why We Tend To Gain More Weight In Winter

gaining weight in winter

Winter—it is the perfect season for us to stash away our swimsuits and sundresses and to bring out our fleece sweaters and leather jackets. In addition to that, this is the season that we will also bid goodbye to tropical fruit shakes and popsicles and open our tummies to the warm soups, delicious turkey dishes, and hot chocolate drinks. Moreover, it is also the season for us to kiss our sexy body goodbye and welcome a fatter version of us with open arms.

With open arms, really? Are you going to let the winter season give you extra pounds and fats? Well, whether you like it or not, it is impossible for you not to gain weight this winter! This is most especially true due to the following reasons.

1. There Are Lots Of Holiday Gatherings.

And what can you find in holiday gatherings? Plenty of foods, of course! Not just that. You will come across plenty of delicious holiday dishes that you do not get to see or taste that often. Because of this, you can’t resist eating humongous amounts of these high-calorie foods that are great for the taste buds but not so good for your weight.

2. Alcoholic Drinks Everywhere.

Along with delicious foods, what other things can you find in holiday gatherings? Cocktails and alcoholic drinks, of course! While these may seem harmless, they are actually considered to be one of the biggest causes of gaining weight in winter mainly because these drinks are laden with calories. And since we are being entertained in the party, we tend to drink lots and lots of calories. Before you know it, you have already gained the pounds you never wanted to have.

3. It’s The Time For Holiday Drinks That You Can’t Enjoy For The Rest Of The Year.

What are the other things that we look forward during this season? Well, those are the specialty drinks that we only get to enjoy at this time of the year. Do pumpkin spice lattes and peppermint mocha drinks ring a bell? While these drinks can help us walk down memory lane, they can easily make us fat because they contain a high amount of sugar and unnecessary calories.

4. Overeating During Winter Is a Primitive Defense Mechanism For Us.

Whether you like it or not, our tendency to overeat during the cold season is actually ingrained in our biology. This is because, during the primitive times, food is scarce during the cold season so our ancestors tend to scarf down every food they can lay their eyes on. As a result, this tendency has been passed down onto us. Now, that is one inheritance we never wanted to have!

5. Who Can Say No To Holiday Pies?

Winter is the season of holidays—Christmas, Halloween, Hannukah, Thanksgiving—you name it, winter has it! Because of this, it is also the season for holiday pies that we can never say no to. After all, we only get to taste these pies only once a year, why are we going to say no, right? Well, maybe here’s a good reason why you should—those pies contain lots of sugar and calories that will make you regret saying yes, even to just that one slice of pie.

6. You Lose Track Of Your Weight And Body Figure.

During summer, we tend to be conscious about our figure because the season calls for clothes that are quite revealing. But come wintertime and our only choice is to wear layers of loose, baggy clothes that conceal our bodies, and what happens to us? We lose sight of our body image and our efforts of weight management and maintenance go out of the window. As they say, out of sight, out of mind.

7. You Suffer From Cough And Colds.

Winter health problems are also one of the biggest causes of gaining weight in winter. Why? When you are sick, it is impossible for you to have the energy or willpower to go out and exercise. And when you put a halt on all your physical activities, it will be impossible for you not to gain weight.
Yes, the winter season can be beneficial for our hearts and spirits but we cannot deny the fact that it can be disastrous to our bodies. Now that you know why you tend to gain weight during this cold season, you can now find ways on how you can avoid the dreaded cold season weight gain!

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