5 Ways To Choose The Right Toner For Yourself

Choose The Right Toner For Yourself

Toners are very important to the skin. They help refresh, control oil, smoothen and clean the face. In most cases, Toners are used after the face has been cleansed, but prior makeup or moisturizer application. Identifying your type of skin will help you choose the toner that is perfect for you. Otherwise, you will use toners that suit your type of skin making it impossible for your skin to enjoy the full benefits of a great toner. Here are 5 ways to choose the right toner for yourself and ensure that you enjoy toner benefits fully.

1. Identify Your Skin Type

If you want to be using the best toner for face, you need to identify your skin type first. This will allow you to find out the most appropriate product for your skin. If your skin is dry, be sure to shop for toners specially designed for dry skin. Similarly, if your skin type is oily, the best toner for you would be the one meant for oily skin. Be careful when determining your skin type because the two well-known skin types including dry and oily skins might be easily confused with sensitive and the combination skin types. Be sure to find out the differences between the four skin types before establishing your type of skin. There are numerous materials online to help you identify your skin type. Similarly, you might want to involve the services of an expert.

2. Match a Toner With Your Type Of Skin

Once you’ve figured out your type of skin, it is time to match your best toner for face to your skin type. If your skin type is dry, consider choosing toners with moisturizing and hydrating capabilities. Search for products containing jojoba oil, glycolic acid, peptides, or glycolipids. It is prudent to stay away from products containing alcohol, mineral oil, petrolatum, and sodium. Other skin types also have special ingredients that should be contained in their ideal toners. Be sure to learn about them and pick the toner that matches your skin type.

3. Go For Toners With Refreshing Abilities

Usually, the best toner will contain a lot of crucial information on the label. Consider going through the label to discover some of the ingredients used. You will also be able to establish the skin type that is best suited for the given toner. If your skin type is oily, don’t use toners that are alcohol saturated. Such toners are likely to dry out the skin more because they contain ingredients that influence additional oil production by the skin. You might also want to use products containing sodium hyaluronate, sodium AHA, and PCA. Use oil-free ingredients products and refrain from using toners containing petrolatum and mineral oil.

4. Choose Gentle Toners

The best toner for face especially if you have sensitive skin is a gentle toner. This type of toner is mild on the skin and does not contain acids or alcohol. Therefore, be on the lookout for paraben or salicylic acid if you discover that your skin type is sensitive. Instead, choose products containing sea whip, beta glucans, glycerin and white tea extracts. These type of products have been shown to contain antioxidants and anti-inflammatory ingredients. Don’t use products that contain fragrances, alcohol and synthetic dyes. You might as well use two different toners if your skin type is the combination type. One toner should be for summer and the other for winter months.

5. Purchasing Your Toner

After you’ve successfully established the type of your skin, make sure you check the ingredients contained in your toner before buying it. This will ensure that you don’t buy toners that should be avoided by people with your type of skin. Never purchase toners containing tough astringents regardless of your skin type. Such astringents include witch hazel, menthol, and alcohol. According to dermatologists, these ingredients might irritate your skin severely. Additionally, they might deprive natural oils off your skin. Similarly, don’t buy toners containing fragrances such as citrus fruits or rose water. Fragrances have been shown to cause irritation of the skin. In most cases, you’ll find toners containing fragrances labeled ‘clarifiers’ or ‘fresheners.’


When choosing your ideal toner, this guideline will ensure that you make an informed decision. Monitor your skin closely to discover the type so that you can start using the right toner. An expert can assist you to establish your skin type if you are not able to do it by yourself. Remember to use toners that contain perfect ingredients for your skin type.

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