Cons Of Wearing A Bra While Sleeping

Cons Of Wearing a Bra While Sleeping

We all been there. Whether you are trying to prove to yourself that all the information that your breast will get perkier if you sleep with wearing your bra or you are just so tired after a day’s work that you’ve accidentally (or at times, intentionally) fallen asleep without taking the effort of removing your bra, you have certainly experienced falling asleep with your bra still on our chest at one point.

But what if you’ve discovered that neglecting to remove your bra at night will do you more harm than good? Will you still continue and ignore the reality that sleeping with your bra on can be one of the leading causes of different serious health conditions? Or would you make an effort in removing it every night as it is better to be safe than sorry? Go ahead and take your pick, To help you make the right decision, we have enumerated some of the disadvantages of wearing a bra to sleep. Here they are:

1. Poor Circulation

Forget those who’ve said that keeping your bra tighter as you sleep at night will improve your breast size over time. Maybe they still haven’t realized the answer if is it good to wear a bra to bed. Or maybe, they still haven’t experienced having some redness in their skin after a long night of wearing tight bras. Think of it. If you wear a tight bra especially those with hard underwires, you’re minimizing your breast’s movement, thus squeezing your breast tissues which can result to impeding your blood circulation from this area down to your arms. So if your primary goal in wearing a bra at night is to increase your breast size, then obviously, this is not the answer.

2. Skin Irritation

In the morning, do you ever wonder where that itchiness and skin irritation in your breast came from? Maybe, you just mistakenly thought that it might be the bed bugs, so you change your bed covers, yet the irritation remains? Well, it can be because of your bra. Even though you can’t feel any pain at night as you were busy dreaming, the hooks and even the laces in your bra can cause skin irritation, especially to sensitive skin. Continuous friction from bra hooks and lace designs is skin lesions typically develops.

3. Poor Sleep Quality

Skin irritation persist. So what’s next? Of course, your sleep won’t get any better if you scratch your skin now and then. And at times, it can contribute to your insomnia even more. So the next time you’re already having lesions and restlessness at bedtime, you might want to ponder on the thought, “is it good to wear a bra to bed?”

4. Skin Discoloration

Just like when you’re getting a tan, wearing a bra at night can also give you uneven skin tone especially if you are wearing a tight one. The bra straps and side panels are all responsible for this as frequent contact and friction occur, so is the increased level of Melanin that can give you darker skin.

5. Breast Fungus

Yep, we all have favorites. That one particular bra that you really can’t take off you since it provides the best comfort and feeling like no other. But have you thought when was the last time you’ve washed it? Or is it good to wear a bra to bed even if it is still damp from the laundry? Sad to say but the two conditions above are the perfect situation that fungi are looking for. Fungi love warm and moist areas. An excellent example is your damp bra in contact with your body and sweaty skin. It is their perfect breeding environment. And so, if you’ve worn your damp bra to bed and haven’t washed it in days or weeks perhaps, then don’t be surprised if one day, you’ll be diagnosed with breast fungus.

In general, even though it may seem that it’s okay to wear a bra to sleep by just choosing a perfect fit, it is still a must to let your breast take its rest as you dream throughout the night. Your breast has been a part of your exhausting day, so it is only reasonable that you might want to give it a rest. So take a pause and unhook your bra before you switch off the lights so you can keep the conditions mentioned above at bay. After all, it is always better to be safe than sorry!

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