Swissmine Ducatus: An Exciting Online Business Opportunity

Even if you do not know anything about cryptocurrencies, there is a major possibility that you might have already heard about Bitcoin, a virtual currency which is said to be created by Satoshi Nakamoto. Unlike the money currently in your pocket, a virtual currency is very different. It is created and held only electronically and not in physical form.

The currency is not printed anywhere and unlike our governments who control the value of our currency, there is no one to control them. The massive growth of the value of Bitcoin has made virtual currencies an excellent investment opportunity. And not just investment, if you live in Singapore or Canada, there is another great online business opportunity for you.

Swissmine Ducatus

Swissmine is a cryptocurrency company which is founded by a young team of experienced professionals. The company has been working with Dustin Trammel who is a renowned name in this virtual currency space. His company Trammell Ventures is the name behind a number of projects, like AchieveMint, Kraken, Exploit Hub and American Information Security Group.

Swissmine Ducatus is currently allowing investors to purchase mining credits and be a part of the new currency that the company is creating- Ducatus. The company is aiming to revive the old gold coin which was very commonly used in the Roman Empire by the same name. By converting it into a digital currency, the company is combining the old with the future of digital currency and investors can use this opportunity to their advantage.

How Will You Benefit from Swissmine Ducatus?

You can invest as little as 50 Euro to buy mining credits. To ensure complete transparency of the process, the company will pre-mine and store all the Ducatus coins with it. With a period of 3 years, the coins will then be released periodically only to the investors on the basis of a pre-defined schedule. You will get your worth of Swissmine Ducatus coins when the company starts distributing the coins after 3 years.

Apart from this, Swissmine has also worked with Dustin Trammel to create an amazing business opportunity for people looking for an online business. Apart from directly investing in Ducatus, there are a number of other ways in which you can earn with it. Let us have a look.

Direct Bonus

Once you have registered yourself with Ducatus, you can spread the message to others you know who might be interested in this great opportunity. If they decide to invest, they will be your directly sponsored partners. You can earn up to 13% of direct bonus on the business volume (BV) of your directly sponsored partners. Moreover, if they decide to invest 50,000 Euro or higher, you will get an additional bonus of 5%, making the total bonus of 18%.

Fast Star Bonus

If your BV is 5.00 within the first 30-days of your registration, you will receive a one-time bonus of 400 Euro. However, you need to ensure that at least 30% of the BV is brought by your weaker legs. If the BV is 10.00 within the first 30-days, you will receive a one-time bonus of 1,300 Euro.

Matching Bonus

You can also get Matching Bonus with Swissmine Ducatus. It is calculated on your direct as well as team bonus of your partners who are your down-line. To qualify for this matching bonus, you need to buy mining credits worth 250 Euro and at least 3 of your directly sponsored first-line partners should do the same. You only need to qualify for this bonus once.

Team Bonus

For this bonus, you should invest at least 50 Euro and should sponsor at least two first-line partners who should also buy mining credits worth 50 Euros. Once this is done, the BV will then start accumulating indefinitely and higher bonus levels will be activated.

If you have been searching for a unique business opportunity with excellent earning potential, Swissmine Ducatus can be the one for you. The company currently offers a number of mining packs, like Apprentice, Miner, Builder, Executive, Patron, Magnate, etc. with additional bonuses to offer maximum benefits to you.

While Satoshi Nakamoto was the first to start the cryptocurrency trend, companies like Swissmine are taking this a step further to offer excellent earning potential to the investors. Visit the official website of Swissmine today to know more about Ducatus and register!

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