Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Squeeze Blackheads

Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Squeeze Blackheads

Blackheads are a form of acne which is a serious skin disorder that people suffer from. Its occurrence is orchestrated by clogging of hair follicle. Acnes are of different types and they are characterized by whiteheads, blackheads and pimples. Blackheads make a great deal of people who suffer from low esteem and depression. There are many ways on how to get rid of blackheads. It’s unfortunate that many people suffer the consequences of popping out their blackheads due to lack of knowledge. Blackheads should be removed by a qualified physician preferable a dermatologist. The effects of popping out a blackhead may be severe and long lasting. The following are the reasons why you should not prick out that blackhead by yourself.

Can Cause Skin Irritation

When you apply pressure and squeeze your skin, it may cause irritation. This can lead to the area getting inflammated. When you squeeze the area around the black head, it gets post inflammatory black spots that may last for long. Intensity of the hyper pigmentation varies between the types of skins. While blackheads are not permanent, black spots may not go away as quickly thus you should not prod your skin at all costs.

Drives Infections Deeper

Squeezing a black head may drive the infection even to areas, which were not initially affected. This may run to cause a bigger problem than it was to a point of having to seek services of a doctor. When you push or squeeze the blackhead, bacteria are pushed further deep in to the skin. This makes the blackhead worse or even cause emergency of other blackheads at a faster rate.

Leaves Behind AnOpen Wound

When you squeeze a blackhead, you leave behind a wound. This wound gives an easy entry of disease causing microorganisms into the skin. They cause further infection and may inhibit healing of the wound. The wound may leave behind an ugly scar in the long run. The blackhead when squeezed may swell up and cause rashes thereafter. Worse still is when you apply make up to conceal the squeezed are around the blackhead area. The makeup may cause more harmful health effects on the affected area.

Hygiene May Be Compromised

When you squeeze a blackhead, long nails may tear the skin exposing it to germs. If the nails are not hygienic, they expose the broken area around the blackhead and are tore by the nails. Fingers may also redistribute bacteria from the affected area to other parts of the skin. This may lead to increase in occurrence of blackheads. Unclogging skin pores calls for keen specialized treatment.

Exposes Extracted Bacterial to Other Pores

While you may successfully pick out a blackhead, expelled bacteria may find their way to nearby pores. Glands lies deep within thus trying to remove that blackhead will introduce more bacteria. Introduction of these bacteria in new pores may multiply the problem you first sought to solve. Squeezing a blackhead squeezes the contents deep in the gland rather than removing them thus intensifying the problem. It may in the long run cause scarring.

You May Not Entirely Remove the Black Head

Unlike pimples, blackheads are not only resilient but also hard to remove. You might prod and try very hard to squeeze out the problem. This may cause irritation and breeds a route for more bacteria accumulation and entrance which causes cysts or even nodules. In the process of squeezing you may stretch the pore too hard thus leaving it enlarged permanently.

Squeezing Causes Discoloration and Leaves AScab

You may want to squeeze off a blackhead to hide it but end up exposing it more. When you prod this problem, pus may flow out. When pus solidifies, it will from a more permanent scab that is hard to hide. Hyper pigmentation will leave your skin discolored. This is because the inflamed skin will get post inflammation pigmentation.


Squeezing a blackhead is similar to the sensation of a mosquito bite. You will always feel a strong desire of removing it by squeezing. Medical ways on how to get rid of blackheads are not popular, thus removing it seems as easy as squeezing it out. For a professional face, you should leave removal of blackheads to professionals. You should visit your dermatologist every time you get this unwanted skin condition for a proper, professional, safe, holistic and hygienic treatment. You should further secure your skin by eating a balanced diet and leading a healthy life. Advice from a dietetic professional should guide your feeding habit to help you avoid acne. Cream purifies and cleanser should be prescribed by a professional.

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