4 Packing Tips Every Traveller Should Know

4 Packing Tips Every Traveller Should Know

Packing shouldn’t be a nightmare. When it comes to booking the perfect Sri Lankan getaway trip, there is nothing short of a million travellers who’ll tell you positive stories. But what about packing tips? Not a lot of people know how to pack for anywhere, let alone Sri Lanka. They’re not prepared and end up paying exorbitant fees because they want to look their fashionable best. Not withstanding the weather extremes in India and Sri Lanka, the travellers that pre-pack heavy clothes are at a disadvantage yet again.

4 Packing Tips Every Traveller Should Know

  1. Packing by only anticipating the weather –

You can smartly go deep into research and find hotels in Nuwara Eliya near Gregory lake, for your next Sri Lankan trip. But when it comes to smartly packing for your vacation, you don’t end up thinking about the basics. While the weather may be the greatest factor at play here, you don’t want to pack heavy clothes, swimming costumes, slippers or anything that may add extra stress to your suitcase. You can always buy these items or borrow them from your local friends.

  1. Keeping all clothes in flat bunches :

You need to roll up your t-shirts and jeans, so that they form cylinders that you can store easily. The gaps in between can have belts, perfumes, etc. that can be filled. When you keep your clothes in a flat bunch, you end up not taking advantage of their natural elasticity. This is especially helpful when you have to pack clothes, shoes and toiletries together and don’t know how to fit different shapes inside one suitcase. Rolling helps a lot!

  1. Asking the accommodations for pre-available accessories:

We do this all the time! We don’t ask the accommodations for things that are already available, and we end up bringing bulky things that we don’t really need. Sometimes we need curling rods, toothpaste or shampoo and other times we carry irons and mini-boards. E.g. when booking Nuwara Eliya holiday bungalows, we can call them in advance and inquire about what all they have. This way we save time, money and hassles in the future, and purely focus on the experiences. You can reach out to hundreds of great budget hotels prior to arrival – via Yoho Bed.

  1. Bring your bulkiest items in your carry-on:

Not a lot of people realize that you can carry a lot of weight in your carry-on allowance. You can take advantage of this and ensure that you carry the bulkiest of items (whether that’s sarees, shoes or technology) in your carry-on allowance. You can save time and space and buy local souvenirs for your loved ones.

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