5-Minute Guide to Health and Happiness

It is true that we are living the best of times, and the worst of times—Charles Dickens got it right on that account. We have all the luxuries we could ever hope for, have the means to achieve them, and can do whatever we want at the drop of a hat. There are medicines for diseases that earlier had no cure and there is technology for everything we can ever hope for.  

But at the same time, we are also living in an era where the pollution is so much that we can no longer see stars. People are constantly suffering from respiratory problems, making their immune system weaker than ever before. There are new diseases coming up because of unhygienic ways of living, and the lifestyle caused by such changes isn’t helping the scenario either.  

In such times, it is important that we take care of our health and take the assistance required as soon as possible. Here are five ways in which we can be aware of our problems and take immediate help when required:


  • Check-ups


In the earlier times, it was reasonable for people to wait till they turned 40 to get their health check-ups done properly. But nowadays, people in their twenties are also facing health problems. Whether it is high blood pressure or diabetes, cancer or infectious ailments, everyone must get their health check-ups done regularly—irrespective of the age. Choose reputed hospitals or check-ups, the likes of Fortis La Femme, as they have a team of specialists and also keep track of all your follow-up appointments.


  • Pay attention to the symptoms


There are many instances when our body calls out to us but we ignore it due to hectic lives and other priority issues.  But the importance of health cannot be overstated. Once disrupted, it is very difficult to get your health back. Hence, even if it just a persistent cough, always get a medical opinion. It is better to be safe than sorry.


  • Best medical help


There are many things one can compromise on, but it should never be health and the medical help you seek. Always go to the best clinics—the ones that are highly recommended and reviewed thoroughly, the likes of Fortis La Femme. Whether it is the best piles treatment in India or the most efficient and professional team of doctors, reputed hospitals make sure that the patient is well taken care of.


  • Follow doctor’s advice


We often tend to take our health for granted and take the doctor’s advice lightly once we start feeling better. Whether it is a simple fever or a more complicated issue, the follow-up with the doctor is very important. For a full and speedy recovery, one must complete the dose of medicine prescribed by the doctor and follow up religiously till they’re absolutely cured.


  • Balanced diet and exercise


Along with the necessary medical assistance and follow-ups, one has to find ways to take care of oneself. Whether it is a balanced diet or exercise regime, complete nutrition and exercising in fresh air can do wonders to a body. A hearty and wholesome breakfast is a must before you start your all-consuming day.  Along with the right food, you must also consult your doctor and dietician to figure out the best diet plan along with the most suitable exercise regime for yourself. That way, you’ll not be wasting your time and energy doing those exercises which are not required for your body. Before taking supplements, it is essential to consult your doctor. The highly talented and qualified doctors of reputed hospitals get a complete idea of your body system before subscribing any medication to avoid complications later.

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