6 Minute Guide to Semi-Permanent Make-Up

Semi-Permanent Make-Up

It’s your daily ritual – checking yourself in the mirror to know whether your dress is looking perfectly fine, your hair is not sticking out of your bun or your lipstick isn’t staining your teeth. Needless to say, the way you look defines you in an important way. The technological advances in the cosmetic world have made it easier for you to achieve that flawless look in no time. One such magical, hassle-free treatment that has come your way is semi-permanent makeup aka micro pigmentation. While the taboo surrounding it has finally eroded away, more and more people are coming forward to experience it and look their best.  

The convenience of beauty treatments today has arrived into the lives of everyday men and women. Keeping this in mind, AAYNA has introduced their semi-permanent makeup treatment to not just enhance your appearances, but also boost your confidence. But before you go for one, take note of the following points in order to achieve the best results:

1. Before the Treatment

Prior to your treatment, the foremost thing you need do is to research about the types of treatments available and the specialized clinics and practitioners. Use your judgement to churn out the fraudulent claims some people make in the name of semi-permanent make-up treatments. AAYNA has an incredible history in this field and is proud to have some of the best skin-care specialists in India who cater to your requirements and help you achieve the desired results. Moreover, you also need to prepare yourself before the procedure initiates. Your practitioner would instruct you to stay hydrated or avoid any shaving. Make sure you follow it to avoid any trouble during and after the treatment.          

2. The techniques – What to choose?

  • Eyebrows – Not to be confused with microblading, the semi-permanent make-up treatment for eyebrows include “hairstroke technique”. Needles are used to achieve the natural looking hair pigmentation. This not only helps in shaping up the brows but also concealing any inequalities. So if you wish to accentuate your brows and add an extra element of elegance to your face, this treatment is your go-to.        

  • Eyes – If you are one of those women who want to save themselves from the hassle of applying the eye-liner on a daily basis, you must opt for semi-permanent eyeliner.

  • Lips – Needless to say, lips are one of the most aesthetic features on your face but due to several reasons, the natural pigment of the lips starts to fade away. To undo this, semi-permanent makeup techniques are being employed. It is also a great way to create an illusion of fuller-looking lips without using injections.


3. After the Treatment

There is not much downtime associated with semi-permanent makeup treatment.  Apart from experiencing little swelling just after the procedure gets finished, you will be all fine. To reverse the swelling, you can use cold packs on the specified areas. You will be able to see the fuller effects in 5-7 days. Typically, the semi-permanent make-up lasts between one to three years. To make sure that it lasts much longer, you should avoid using ingredients like retinol, vitamin-C, and hydroquinone, as they will fade away the pigment. Also note that sun exposure can cut-down the life of your semi-permanent make-up.       

So it’s high time to bid farewell to your lengthy make-up routines and welcome a new ‘you’ with AAYNA Clinic’s diverse semi-permanent make-up treatment options and choose the best for yourself.

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