Top 5 Chicken Dishes That You Must Definitely Try Out

Every non-vegetarian has a staple dish that they cannot survive without. It could range from various poultry like chicken, meat, fish, pork, etc. Most often the safest and the easiest dish to experiment would be chicken as it can be cooked in several ways, added in various cuisines and can tickle your taste buds like no other dish.

It is a dish that can be made easily at home, turned into world class element at a top restaurant, added as toppings on food items such as pizza, or even a salad. It can be made into a burger, pasta, sausages, salamis, etc. If you love chicken and love trying out dishes that enhance all the right qualities of chicken, here are a few dishes which are a must-try:

  • Burgers

Imagine taking a bite into a juicy, cheesy and succulent chicken burger with a crisp chicken patty garnished with several herbs and vegetables. Chicken burgers can be made using various ingredients along with chicken. It could be simply a classic cheesy burger, or with the right sauces, one could have Mexican, Italian, or even Indian flavoured burgers that taste just as good as the classic burger. The combination of veggies, bun and chicken patty really does bring out the flavour of the chicken, in the right manner.

  • Chicken Steak

Steaks are large meat portions generally grilled and tossed with various sauces such as red sauce, creamy sauce, mushroom flavoured sauce, etc. They are served with sauté vegetables, mashed potatoes and rice to give the meal a wholesome benefit.  

  • Chinese

Chinese is another cuisine which makes excellent chicken dishes. The variety is innumerable ranging from Chilly Chicken, Chicken Manchurian, Hunan, Kung Pao chicken, etc. all tossed in Garlic or Schezwan sauce, bringing out the true Chinese flavour. Chicken goes well with any fried, curry or soup dish in this cuisine. It also adds flavour to the fried rice as well as noodles which are paired with excellent chicken dishes.

  • Chicken curries

Curries are generally more oriented towards the Indian cuisine. Chicken curries are best served with Rotis, Naans, and even Rice. Chicken Chettinad, Chicken Khurma, Butter Chicken are variations of curries that you will find all across the country. Each state has chicken infused in their traditional recipes which give the best opportunity for Chicken-lovers to explore the country and eat all kinds of chicken curries.

  • Fried chicken

Fried chicken is hands down the best kind of chicken as it is simple to make but delicious to taste. You could fry it like kebabs, grill it over a barbeque party, fry it with bread crumbs, order broaster chicken, etc. This could be eaten well with ketchup, mayonnaise, cheese, among other dips. You could fry almost all parts of the chicken and it would still taste good such as the breast, legs, wings, etc.

These are some of the variety of chicken dishes that will leave you mouth-watering and craving for chicken.

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