5 Videography Hacks to Shoot Like a Professional

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Shooting videos have become very important these days. Whether you are an entrepreneur or a freelancer, videos are a major part of digital marketing. Even simple videos with friends or a birthday party can make an impact on everyone! Videos are highly prized when promoting a product. We see it all the time in television and in several online ads. Just a few minutes of videography is worth a million words.

In this post, we give you some home hacks whereby any amateur can shoot a professional video in no time. Following these tricks and practicing with them will make you perfect. You can then concentrate on your creativity and publish some of them on YouTube.

  1. You need to learn to shoot steady videos

The most common problem with an amateur is they are unable to keep the camera still. Always remember that any video needs to be steady. Too much movement of shaking the camera is frustrating for the viewer. Initially try to use a tripod for this purpose. A tripod will ensure your camera is still while shooting a video. You can even get great angles on images. If you want to increase your skill to that of a professional you can learn at a later stage to keep your hands still without the use of a tripod. But that is not required for a simple videography.

  1. Learn to produce creative shots

Many video production firms use a lot of creative concepts in their production. Introducing concepts when you shoot makes your video look like a film. That is why we like to watch movies and advertisements that has a story. This is a very strong feature if you are an entrepreneur and want to promote a product through your videos.

  1. Different angle shots

You can also try to shoot a video from different angles. For examples if you are covering a birthday event try putting yourself in the middle of the event. Most people take videos from the corner of the room, which is not cool, because your video looks like a surveillance camera. Experiment from different sides, see how each angle looks and investigate what looks the best!

  1. Practice widescreen videos

Another very important method that professional video production services use is wide angle shots. Almost 90% ads, videos on YouTube and Vimeo that you see are based on widescreen ratios of 16:9. Wide angle can capture a lot in one single shot. If you are a beginner try at least one widescreen in your video.

  1. Avoid unnecessary zooming

A video can be very irritating if you constantly zoom and pan. If you are operating a camcorder for the first time, it can be very tempting to touch the zoom button. But you need to avoid as much as you can. Think where zooming is necessary. If you are promoting a product or a sports event, zooming helps notice the details, but in many cases zooming distracts a viewer, for example in action scenes of a film.

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