6 Things Every Upcoming Fashion Designer Should Have in their Arsenal

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If you’ve recently qualified from a prestigious fashion designing institution, you might feel a lot of emotions, intimidation, excitement, angst and determination. Now, this is indeed a perplexing state!

After all! Fashion designing is more than just letting your imagination run wild! Along with your creative flair, you need to have insight and think like a businessperson. The competition is tough, and if you’re not prepared, you might end up feeling like a ‘fish out of the water’.

This is why to make a repute for yourself, you need to possess a faultless portfolio and social media presence. But, all that is secondary. The first step is setting up your office! For this, along with possessing a state-of-the-art creative office, you need to buy the basic tools and equipment.

On that note, this blog will discuss the first 6 equipment every beginner fashion designer must own!

Read on!

  1. Portfolio

A portfolio is a prerequisite when it comes to the fashion industry. After all, no one is going to give you work unless you have samples verifying your authenticity. Now, since you’re a beginner, you compete with a lot of designers.

This is why it is best to come with a portfolio that looks as good as its content. Thus, try and pick designer leather portfolio and include your best career highlights within them. Start with your qualifications, talk about yourself, express your interests in projects and leave your customers wanting more.

Also, use high-quality images, and include original drawings and patterns that stand out from the crowd. Additionally, try to input testimonials and certifications (if any) to make the portfolio more concrete.

  1. Scissors and Tapes

Scissors are your everyday best friend and being a designer you know that by now. However, a plain pair of scissors isn’t enough! So, ensure to equip yourself with a pair of shear, card and lightweight scissors for cutting different layers of fabric.

Along with these you also need to invest in a good quality tape measure. Why? Well, you need to measure tons of fabric, not to mention cut the right sizes and a tape measure is the only solution.

  1. Dress Maker Dummies 

As a progressive fashion designer, you must invest in a few dressmaker dummies. But, here’s one success tip! Do not just pick a dress dummy of the prescribed body stats.

The modern generation is all about endorsing body positivity, so you should make outfits for all body types. Thus, to design the ideal outfits, invest in dressmaker dummies of small, medium and bulky shapes.

With this, you can create unique design patterns for all kinds of body types, and that is bound to sell like hotcakes with modern investors.

  1. Pearl Head Pins 

When you are designing an attire on a dummy and layering it with fabrics, you need to stick them, right? Unless you stick the fabrics in the right place, you won’t know the right places to sew! This is why pearl headpins are necessities every designer needs.

Get these in bulks and design your attires best, before you proceed to the sewing task!

  1. Sewing Machine 

This isn’t even a surprise, right? Without a sewing machine, you cannot proceed to make the attires you have worked hard to design. So, ensure to invest in a good quality sewing machine that can help you create unique outfits in a jiffy.

  1. Scrapbook Album

In your lifetime, you might have created many outfits that are the epitome of panache! However, these aren’t merely for show, correct? So, the best way to preserve these is by including them in a catalogue. A catalogue with your dress images will help you show your work to clients.

Once a client likes the attire, he/she can order that particular design or outfit for themselves, thus bringing you revenue. Now, what’s a better option for a catalogue than a leather scrapbook albumThese have more than 80 plus pages and can effectively flaunt your best works in sequence to impress your clients.

You can even customize this catalogue with your brand logo to give it a professional touch!

On that footnote, these 6 things are necessities that a noobie fashion designer must own. Once you prepare yourself thoroughly you can ensure to focus on your brand so that you gain fame similar to Versace.

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