Have a trouble-free torrenting experience with Seedbox


Does it take forever to download a torrent? Are you concerned about your security while torrenting? Well, Fret not! You can have a smooth experience without any of these concerns bothering you. All you need to do is get yourself a Seedbox.

You might not know this but all these problems that you suffer from may be server-related. Thus, these remotely hosted servers are here to your rescue.

I am sure you heard about it or have seen its name mentioned. But you don’t know what exactly it does. Look no further as you will find all your questions answered here.

Get your torrents downloaded in a jiffy

We live in a fast life today where we want every work to be done in an instant. So why do we need to settle when it comes to slow torrent download? You can boost up your download speed once you get your hands on these remote servers.

It gives you the power to download extremely large files within a matter of a few seconds. With its super-fast bandwidth centers, it enables you with lightning speed connections ranging from 100MB/s to 1GB/s.

Safe and secure torrenting

How many times has it happened that you approach to download a torrent file and a warning alert pops up on your desktop screen? It makes you question your decision to download torrent online.

But fear no more, with these servers you can proceed to download files without having any of these concerns. As these servers are hosted remotely it makes you tough to be tracked. Several seedbox providers come with added service of VPN. These providers further anonymize the daily activities of your internet.

Balance your ratio on-site

One of the primary issues of a private tracker is maintaining the right balance in ratio i.e. download as much as you upload. However, seedboxes do not have to face this trouble even though they fall into the category of private trackers.

Want to know its secret? How does it manage to keep the balance? Well, the trick is simple. These servers come along with a huge hard drive that is active constantly. So each time you download a file via the private tracker, you can leave that file on the server for uploading. Plus, all these tasks are done remotely so there is no issue for upload traffic.

Harness throttling bandwidth

ISPs are tricky when you are utilizing their service. They tend to cut down your speed if they notice you using an added range of their provided bandwidth. They do this trick by shaping up your torrent’s traffic resulting in a toned-down speed of download and upload of your files.

But with these high bandwidth servers, you can avoid this issue eloquently as they avoid the usage of torrent traffic of home ISP.

Now that you know exactly what does a Seedbox do to tackle your torrent issues, its time now to go get yourself one. All your torrenting troubles would be bygones forever.

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