Indian youths must acquire new age skills for a better future!

Rapid digital transformation continues to disrupt every major economy and India is no exception. With more than 500 million internet users, the country boasts of a flourishing digital economy. Economic sectors like the e-Commerce, Media & Entertainment and ICT are showing tremendous growth and form the core of India’s digital economy. The India government too hopes to capitalize on digitalization and turn India into a digital hub thereby driving economic growth.

India is embracing digitalization:

  • Digital media platforms grew 42% to Rs 16,900 crore in 2018 in India.
  • Digital advertisement accounts for 21% of the entire advertisement sector and stood at Rs 15,400 crore in 2018, showing a growth of 34%.
  • A report by AIMA and KPMG states that number of tech startups have increased by 15% during the 2013-18 period thus increasing the demand for new job roles in the fields of Big data, analytics and cloud computing.

How does it impact India’s youths?

As India mover closer towards digitalization and automation, inevitably the blue and white collar jobs get irrelevant. Even individuals trained in traditional technological fields will find it hard to get a good job. Digitalization demands new age skills such as data analytics, data mining, big data engineers and so on.  Thus, today Indian youths need to keep themselves updated with the industry demands and acquire skills which will earn them well deserving jobs.

Which skills can be beneficial?

Apart from soft skills like communications, problems solving and creative thinking, Indian youths should focus on hot technical skills that every digital industry require. For instance, data driven business approaches are very important to drive business growth in a digital economy and behind every data driven business strategy there is a highly skilled data analytics team! Thus, skills in data analytics are instrumental in getting roped in by the firm of your choice.

Let’s look at some in demand data analytics skills:

  • Python

Python is one of the most used programming languages today and the Python data science libraries like NumPy and Pandas are very important for individuals seeking a career in data analytics.

  • SQL
    SQL or Structured Query Language is essential in negotiating large databases. Thus, gaining SQL skills is extremely important for every data analyst.
  • Knowledge of AI, ML and DL
    A data analyst is required to use every weapon at his disposal to solve complex problems. AI, ML and DL are such cutting edge ‘weapons’ for a data analyst to deal with complicated problems.

You can obviously get enrolled in any of the popular Data analytics certification courses to learn all the necessary skills.

Amazing job profiles that need analytics skills:

Earning analytics skills will enable you to get employed in new age job roles such as IT Systems Analyst, Operations Analyst, Data scientist and Data engineer. These are some high earning positions offered by leading tech companies in India and can easily secure your future. Hence it is extremely beneficial in acquiring analytics skills from Data analytics certification courses in India!

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