Past conviction or criminal background: pre-employment screening is inevitable for employers

Make the perfect employing choices when you connect with the team of Smart Screen. The one-stop background screening company offers smart and cost-effective solutions for busy employers who wish to hire confidently. From back ground verification, pre-employment screenings to Malaysia Police Checks, through to history and other essential referrals, like resume-Check to ensure all your hiring candidates are the ideal employees for your business.

Sorting a walk over a tightrope is comparably easy than hiring a new candidate as apart from qualification, right judgment of integrity is imperative to follow- but accumulating the hidden facts is not less than watching ‘Mentalist’. Yes, there can be a sign of mistrust or criminal records, which you need to unearth for preventing future issues.

Importance of Background Verification

Pre-employment screening is advantageous because they serve employers to examine an applicant’s history based on the provided data that does not surface in an interview or on a resume. Be patient! Get along with our services as we realize that being an employer it is a risk-sensitive involvement to go and hire a private investigator for background checks.

Hi there, we are standing by if you would like to connect our professionals. Uncover the truth with us as in this competitive job market, recruitment is no more a simple job and thus, needs routine screening practice to select the best candidates.

  • Criminal background check, which includes the necessary level of clearance in both the departments: civilian as well as government
  • Estimate work history and educational verification prior to interviews
  • Conducting the Drug test is another implementation, performed by a third-party administrator before joining.

Need for background check services

Some of the obvious reasons to hire employment screening services is to adopt preventive measures for your company and the safety of your existing employees. In reference to this background check services, important reasons to conduct Pre-employment background checks are:

  • Highlights criminal records: Learning information can be about confirming the honesty of the new-joiner; other times, when specific degrees or expertise are actually legally required to perform a job, they are all due to abiding by the law.
  • Acquiring an entire picture: background check not only serves peace of mind to the employer but also helps in business functionality.
  • Verification of certifications: Sometimes overwhelmed grades can be decisive; and to realize this, the background check must be performed to save the sit for the deserving candidate.
  • Protecting the assets of the organization: Preemptive measures must be attained to secure the integrity of the organization, from the client’s information to relevant data must not pass out through the door.
  • Ensures workplace safety: the Chosen applicant can be dangerous for your work floor if they start acting like a predator: sex offender or a mindset of bullying.

Considering all things, you do need to be thorough about your employment screening process to learn as much about an applicant as possible. Available across Malaysia and globally, get in touch with Smart Screen, the promising industry leader today.

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