Some Non-Pricey Methods To Keep Your Woolen Clothes Good As New

Some Non-Pricey Methods To Keep Your Woolen Clothes Good As New

Though winters are yet to come and it’s still a hot month, the need to keep your woolens in good quality is still a priority. You wouldn’t want your sweaters to look worn out and lose their lustre. Woolen clothes are expensive but have to ability to stop looking like it soon, especially if you don’t take care of them properly. Their fibers are big and visible which makes fluff and pills come up very quickly. Since you have a good amount of time left before you will have to take them out and get disappointed, why not try some methods to keep them young already?

We have gathered some methods that would stay in your budget and make your woolen clothes new and beautiful:

  • Pills and fluffs coming out of woolen sweaters is an annoying thing to watch. The more you try to pull them out, the worse they get. And there’s nothing you can do to stop this unless you decide to sit absolutely still with minimum body movement possible. Which we know is not possible. Therefore, as a solution, get yourself a sweater comb which is not at all expensive. You can move it over your sweaters and pull out the useless stuff.
  • Winter jackets for kids(boys) india, men or women which have a hole or are about to get torn can be repaired by using woolen Band-Aids or leaf-shaped patches, etc. They look elegant and would look like new. You can try many creative ways to fix your woolen caps. These patches are easily available in the market and that too for very low prices. Additionally, they are easy to knit to your sweaters. You don’t have to be a professional knitter to use them.
  • One of the most important things to remember while taking care of your woolens is to never use a general detergent on them. They will soon lose their shine and the fibers would get weak and start to come off. They would also get thinner and the quality will decrease drastically. You can find many wash powders and liquids which are specially used for woolen clothes. They are easy on them and gently wash the dirt off them.
  • Squishing and pressing your sweaters to remove extra water from them can make them weak and thin. This is one of the most common mistakes that people make while washing woolen clothes. To remove water, all you have to do is put a dry towel over them and let it absorb all the water. When done, hand the sweater carefully and let evaporation take place. Your sweaters will be dry and shiny without losing their quality.

For better and safe drying methods, you can even use a dryer kit available in the market.

Woolens are soft fabrics which have to be taken care of as they have to ability to lose their quality very soon. To keep them fit and fine, use the above-mentioned methods and stay tension free the entire winters.

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