What We Know About The Windows Phone So Far

What We Know About The Windows Phone So Far

What we know about the windows phone so far


Windows cooperation is a hallmark of modern technology. It was the first organization to personalize the computer operating system and give us the graphical user interface which quickly replaced its predecessor the command line dos. Microsoft as a desktop OS went on to have the largest user base. With the advent of the smartphone, Microsoft ventured into the business of making mobile based OS. The mobile market though had its OS giants. With Google android OS that is open source and the IOS for the iPhone. It has not been easy for Microsoft to get into this market. So far the market share according to Wikipedia Gartner worldwide smartphone sales by percentage shows windows phone performed dismally with less than 2 % of the market share with Android taking home the lion’s share of more than 80%. Clearly this shows that Microsoft has to change something about their mobile operating system.


In the recent past we have seen Microsoft changed some of their products. From the development environments for their programmers to their operating systems. Most significant is their approach to their software policy. For example, they made it possible for software using .NET framework to be cross-platform on the desktop part. In another twist in last years release of the Windows-10 operating system, they allowed users to upgrade from Windows 8 to 10 free in what they called a free upgrade. For those of us who know how important the Windows licensing policy is important to Microsoft, we were nothing short but surprised. This means that Microsoft has noticed that just having a good software will not cut it for them but also the policy and terms of use are what will help them keep afloat. Lucky for them the mobile market is agile and volatile hence curving a niche will not be very hard. On the hardware front, it is common knowledge that Microsoft went ahead and bought Nokia. Latter on releasing the Nokia windows phone series. Regarding hardware, we know that they bring not only a name like Nokia but years of experience and which translates to a robust device hardware. This is the latest technology news.


But with good device hardware and an okay operating system does not do it for the end user. The end user asks for much more. Like the utilities and apps, that will help them in their everyday life. That is why Microsoft has decided to come up with a new Operating system known as Windows 10. This has taken a while as the software giant had earlier announced that it would release a new mobile operating system late last year. It is rumored that the new operating system will be amazing. It will be strong on social networking, very intuitive on office productivity tools, highly personalized with features like their Cortana personal assistant, have a stellar interface of their much-famed material design (box-like features) and yes it will be able to seamlessly integrate with the Windows ten operating system. For the corporate client, there will be VPN support. This will allow the users to connect securely to the corporate network securely. They will also allow for remote storage boosting maybe the largest in the market that is offered for free which will be up to 25 GB large. Which is ten GB more than what Google offers for free at 15 GB in Google Drive. We will also see a comeback of windows phone live that had earlier disappeared. This will allow users to share files and images over their mobile. It will be great to see upgrades that they will have done to windows phone live. Also, you will be able to share apps across all your devices from computer to the phone. And now to the policy. Windows phone will allow all its current users of the previous phone operating systems to have a free download according to their site. If this is not world news, then I don’t know what is.


Windows phone seems to be here to stay and with such great effort and strategy, it will curve a niche for itself. It shows that a lot of effort is going in to making Microsoft Phone a major player. With the advent of Windows 10, and such amazing feature it would be hard but just imagine how the market might shift in 2016. But with all that said user seems to be right. We await the Microsoft Windows eight phone and sees how it fairs until then we can’t help but anticipate.

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