Naamkaran 7th December 2017 Full Episode and Latest News

Naamkaran 7th December 2017 Full Episode and Latest News

In this episode of Naamkaran Guruma reaches associate degree unknown place and opens a cistern wherever Maddy and Kareena ar at bay. Guruma tells Balu to kill them and fill the tank with water. Balu starts gushing water within the tank. Guruma says she doesn’t want them or Bebe.

Neil comes there and tells Guruma that she is correct that she’s going to not want Bebe. The policemen surround Guruma. Maddy and Kareena ar reclaimed. Neil says that he followed Guruma and reached there. Neil shows Guruma the video wherever he has recorded everything. Flashback shows that Neil tells Bebe to tell Guruma that he has return to grasp everything and to decision up Guruma and tell her this. Flashback ends. Neil asks Guruma to inform Vidyut that he has lost.

Bebe calls up Neil and asks whether or not Maddy and Kareena ar safe. Neil says they’re safe. Bebe asks Neil to come back home presently as he has got to tell one thing vital. Bebe thinks she’s going to tell Neil that Mishti is Vidyut’s female offspring. Juhi hears Bebe. Bebe thinks to inform Prakash everything. Juhi tells Bebe that she has got to tell her one thing vital and takes her away. Neela and Avni ar in Café and Neela asks her that she has ne’er been allergic to Sindoor then why she got hypersensitivity reaction the opposite day.

Avni reveals that she found Sindoor in ash-bin. Ali comes there and says that Juhi knew concerning her rangoli color hypersensitivity reaction. Neil comes there and tells Neela that he’s taking her female offspring back home and she or he can keep her with him forever. Neil conjointly thanks Ali for serving to them once more. Neil goes and Ali asks Avni why she isn’t telling Neil the reality concerning Juhi. Avni says they have to urge proof 1st. Bebe scolds Juhi for her lies. Juhi falls on Bebe’s feet and says that she did all this to avoid wasting Neil and Avni’s life as Vidyut is threatening to kill them. Juhi asks Bebe to not tell Neil something and she or he can go departure all of them.

Bebe says that penalise her and she or he will have to be compelled to reveal everything ahead of entire family. Bebe says she’s going to have to be compelled to reveal that Mishti is Vidyut’s female offspring. Juhi thinks she’s going to get Neil at any price. Vidyut is furious as Guruma is in jail. Vidyut fears that Bebe can tell truth to everybody. Vidyut takes internal secretion injection. Vidyut calls Juhi and warns her that Bebe mustn’t reveal truth to anyone. Juhi thinks she has got to stop Bebe at any price. Bebe asks Shweta to modify on the geyser in toilet as she has got to take a shower. Juhi is in toilet and she or he tampers with the washer wire. Juhi stuffs tissues within the drain. Juhi puts a medication there which can build Bebe faint. Juhi thinks nobody can doubt her.

Naamkaran Full Episode

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