There Can Be Dangerous Effects from Snoring


Snoring is sometimes considered as annoyance or embarrassing, but it is a side effect of disturbed sleep. It is a common condition which can affect anybody.

If a person snores occasionally, then it is not a serious problem, but if the person is a habitual snorer, then that can cause many risks to that person’s life. The reason behind this is that this sleep disorder is related to a host of health problems from heart stroke to depression. In such cases, medical assistance is often needed to get a good sleep.

What causes snoring?

• Weight: – weight can play a major role when it comes to snoring. If the person is overweight, then there are chances that they will snore, as they are obese that leads to the built up of fatty tissues in the throat which lead to poor throat muscles, thus causing snoring.

• Obstructed nasal airways: – in this case, the people only snore when the have a blocked nose or have any allergy in the nose. Even the deformities of the nose can cause such obstruction.

• Sleep postures: – It is very essential to sleep in a proper position, sleeping on your can put you at a higher likelihood of snoring. To avoid snoring one must change the sleeping posture by sleeping sideways.

There Can Be Dangerous Effects from Snoring

As said before occasional snoring is not as dangerous as habitual snoring, which can cause dangerous effects on anybody, some of effects of snoring are as follows:-

1. Poor night sleep: – the person who snores while sleeping is unable to sleep properly which therefore leads to drowsiness during the daytime and the whole day gets spoiled because the person feels lethargic.

2. Heart stroke: – prolonged suffering from obstructive sleep apnea can often result in high blood pressure which can cause enlargement of the heart which may lead to heart attack or heart stroke.

3. A headache: – snoring can easily disrupt one’s sleep which can sometimes lead to sever a headache. When a person snores while sleeping and gets disrupted it can break that persons sleep which can in a habitual case lead to insomnia. When a body doesn’t get proper oxygen and rest the head starts aching which can sometimes lead to a severe migraine.

4. Can cause injury: – this is one of the serious dangers or bad effect which is caused by snoring or sleep apnea. Due to snoring a person is not able to sleep properly at night which therefore leads to a lethargic body with drowsiness which can make the person fall asleep at inappropriate places and can cause a serious injury.

5. Mental health issue:- sleep apnea is a serious problem which requires medical treatment, and if not treated it can also affect the mental well-being of a person, further, leading to issues from drowsiness to crankiness from lack of sleep to serious depression.

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