Brain Tumor and Its Surgery Cost

Brain and its organization

Brain is one of the largest organ present in the human body. Brain is the main coordinative organ in the body. This organ is located at the top most center of the human body coordinating from the above. Each and every activity of the body gets registered in the brain and also each and every activity is coordinated by the brain. It is the central most organ of the nervous system, the system that conducts the all over sensory activity of the body.  These are called as the synapses. And along with the spinal cord which is also connected to the brain they constitute the central nervous system. They have neurons as there structural and the functional unit of the nervous system. The brain and the spinal cord is connected with bundle of nerve fibers made up of tufts of neurons. These neurons transmits the nerve impulse from one end to the other end making the sensation reached to the desired place against a desired stimulus, which is the causative agent of these activities. The brain consist of two main parts the cerebrum and the cerebellum and another part called as the brainstem. It is contained in a protective called as the skull made of bones.  

Tumors and its types

Tumors are the tuft of cells that occurs because of many abnormalities of the human body. It can occur in any part of the human body at any moment of time. Tumors can be very much fatal also. Tumors are of two types the: the benign tumors and the malignant tumors. Although the structural organization of both the types of the tumors are the same however they mainly differ in their functional property. The benign ones are not that harmful for the human as compared to the malignant one. However the malignant ones are the tumors that has the property of cancer with them. The acquisition of this property in the tumor in mainly due to the genetic mutation in the genetic organization. This mutation can happen at any time and a single mutation of a particular base pair can cause a lot of change in the human body that is giving rise to deadly diseases like cancer. The main reason of it formation is the problem in the cell cycle. And the brain being very important and the most sensitive organ of the body, tumor at that position can be very much fatal whether it is benign and malignant.

Brain tumor and its potency to malignancy

Brain tumor and its spontaneous conversion to malignancy is one of the most common story these days. Surgical operation may be the way for removing the tumor however there are a lot of other risk factors that are associated with surgery of brain tumors.


The brain tumor surgery cost in India is high as compared to other organ surgery costs. It is because of the safety measures that is used in the surgery to prevent other associated problems.

Consultation to doctors

It is always suggested that early stage of detection can be very helpful for the doctors and also the chances of spreading and cure rate is better. So as soon as a little of the symptoms appears doctors should be immediately consulted.

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