The Real World Benefits Of Virtual Office Solutions

The Real World Benefits Of Virtual Office Solutions

The virtual office has made doing business abroad accessible to many entrepreneurs. Those who choose to adopt this office style avoid having to searching for an ideal office, avoid having to deal with zoning ordinances, and more significantly, avoid traversing Indonesia’s landscape, which is comprised of 8,000 inhabited islands. Essentially, the virtual office has eliminated much of the red tape of relocating or expanding into a new market for entrepreneurs.

One of the main reasons the virtual office benefits entrepreneurs in Indonesia is because it allows professionals to lease the use of office space, amenities and office equipment without the complications that are associated with conventional leases. Furthermore, those who are not familiar with Indonesia’s infrastructure might find it difficult to navigate finding office space. In fact, Servcorps website at can show you how to maximise a virtual office in Jakarta.

Let’s explore just some of the real world benefits offered by virtual office solutions.

Office Productivity And Overhead

One of the main benefits of the virtual office to business owners is the ability to increase the amount of productivity that occurs in the workplace. Because your office is not being occupied the entire month, your employees only go to work when you schedule a meeting or for other events, which means when they are in the office they are actually working. Ultimately, this translates into cost-savings because your rent is drastically reduced as a result of not being in the building the whole month.


Another major quality of life benefit to adopting the virtual office is the reduced amount of time you spend travelling to work. For those who work in the city but live on the outskirts, the virtual office makes the daily trek to the office almost nearly non-existent because you and your employees only travel to the office when necessary. Furthermore, the lack of commuting also saves you money at the gas pump, on any tolls or parking surcharges, and on wear on your vehicle.

Absenteeism And Vacation Leave

With the virtual office, employees are less likely to take personal days, whether it is for illnesses or time off. The virtual office reduces the number of days employees call out because their office can be their home or some other off-site location, and usually, remote working affords them a little more flexibility in how they use time in their day. Furthermore, because employees are not spending an enormous amount of time at work, the amount of vacation time they spend in a year is reduced as well.

Business Registration

Even with a virtual office, you have to register your business with the proper authorities. Some of the more popular leasing companies will assist foreign businessmen with properly registering their business with the authorities. For many businesses, this can be a time-saver as it relates to navigating a governmental structure you might not be familiar with.

Test New Markets

Finally, one of the advantages to using the virtual office is it allows businesses who want to expand or explore new markets the ability to transition to Indonesia much easier. This office style works especially if you are unsure of the market that you intend to attract is lucrative because it does not require you commit to a lengthy lease. Additionally, if you have already decided to expand, the virtual office gives you a prestigious address and dedicated phone number as a headquarters for your business.

Real World Applications Of A Virtual Office

Working with convenience, efficiency and effectiveness are a part of adopting the virtual office format. Whether it is saving time on the commute or being more productive while at home, the virtual office offers entrepreneurs the opportunity to have a prestigious address at a lower cost. More significantly, the virtual office has made it easier and accessible for you to expand or relocate to the Indonesia market.

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