Things need to know about Seedbox


Nowadays people are concerned about their privacy online while downloading torrents.

And so they should be, with huge corporations monitoring peer-to-peer traffic and log every internet activity of yours.

A Seedbox can provide a solution to your concerns if it is combined with the correct set of tools.

What is a seedbox?

A seedbox is a remote server at a high-speed data center with a public IP address that is used to safely downloading and uploading files using torrents at very high speeds.

People with access to a Seedbox can download these files to their personal computers anonymously.

Simply put, you get a share of a computer that has a super-fast internet connection. The only function of this computer is to download and upload torrents that’s it. There are numerous benefits to downloading torrents using a seedbox.

Below will explain why you need a seedbox.

How to use a Seedbox?

Each Seedbox has one or more torrent clients with a web user interface that you can log into via any browser where you can control your Seedbox remotely.

Once the torrent has downloaded on the Seedbox, it’s hosted there waiting for you to download it whenever you wish.

Downloading is commonly done via an FTP or SFTP connection to the Seedbox using an FTP Client, there are some Seedbox vendors who also provide an HTTP file browser that permits you to download files from the Seedbox through a browser.

Either way, this prevents any torrent traffic from coming from your home internet connection but instead, you only initiate legitimate FTP/HTTP traffic that your ISP (Internet Service Provider) should permit.

What you get from a Seedbox

Now that you’ve got the answer to the question “What is a Seedbox?” You can proceed and see why it’s really awesome!


It’s important to note that most seedbox providers don’t allow the use of public trackers such as The Pirate Bay. This is sensible because the agencies that track and fine torrent users mainly monitor public trackers. Once you manage to get

Once you manage to get into a private tracker, the main issue you will likely have is maintaining your ratio (uploading as much as you download).

With a seedbox maintaining your ratio is simple. Seedboxes comes with a large hard drive is constantly on, so you can download a file using a private tracker and then leave the file on the seedbox uploading. This takes no effort on your part and maintains your ratio on the site. No need to worry about your upload traffic at home either because it’s all done remotely.

This takes no effort on your part and maintains your ratio on the site. No need to worry about your upload traffic at home either because it’s all done remotely.

So, if you’re worried about maintaining your ratio of private torrent trackers then a seedbox is the right choice.

Privacy policy:

Seedboxes are remotely hosted so you don’t need to worry about getting scary letters from lawyers telling you to stop downloading torrents.

This is because you are not actually using the BitTorrent protocol that is monitored from your home IP address.

This makes it much more difficult for you to be tracked and targeted. A lot of seedboxes providers offer VPN services in addition that further anonymize your internet usage.

Furthermore, if you sign up for a service that accepts bitcoins or pay with a card using a VPN, there is no personally identifying information linking you to your seedbox provider. More on using seedboxes will come to this site soon.

So, if you want to download torrents without the risk of getting extortionate fines from copyright agencies then you need a seedbox.

  • High speed downloads
  • Circumvent ISPs
  • Convenience

These are the advantages you can get from the seedbox.

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