What Are Superfoods?

What Are Superfoods

Today there are a huge amount of vitamin supplements, diet pills and nutritional supplements that are supposedly natural. But, have you heard of Superfoods? Stay and learn what this new trend is in the field of nutrition.

What are they?

The Superfoods are 100% natural supplements that contain more nutrients than calories. They are also high in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and enzymes. Unlike other foods, they are essential for the proper physiological functioning.


These foods are an excellent choice to integrate your diet because they can help combat some nutritional deficiencies. In addition to nourish your body, they have the ability to detoxify your body and increase your energy. Some of their actions are:

  • Prevent and reduce inflammation
  • Help regulate metabolism and fat burning
  • Reduce cholesterol levels
  • To help protect against heart problems
  • To help protect against cancer problems
  • Protect organs from toxins
  • Stimulate digestive health

Superfoods that can not miss in your Diet

Superfoods can be certain foods such as fruits, seeds, roots or herbs. Learning to know them and to mix them is an art that can be critical to your health.

Chia Seeds

The benefits of chia are many, one of the most interesting facts about this seed is that it contains 7 times more Omega 3 than salmon. Which is the most anti-inflammatory fat exists.

Bee Pollen

Pollen is considered one of the most complete foods in nature, it is also a great source of protein. A very interesting fact is that studies have shed pollen increases mental and physical capacity.

Acai Berries

The acai is a berry that is known for being a great source of antioxidants and nutrients. Prevents aging thanks to its content in essential fatty acids, omega 3, 6 and 9, protects against cardiovascular disease. Furthermore, consists of 40% fiber, and high concentration of carbohydrates, protein and vegetable fat make it ideal for athletes and very active people.

Green Vegetables

The green color in plants is indicative of wealth in magnesium, which is associated with muscle relaxation so that the absence of these foods can cause tiredness, weakness, cramps, etc. That’s why this super-food cannot be left out of your diet.


Nuts are considered as a superfood which is an important energy source. However, in calories so it will be necessary to consume them in moderation.

As these examples, there are a lot of foods referred to as Superfoods, those with a lot of color are those typically fit this description. Remember that a balanced diet and exercise are the key to having a beautiful body inside and out.

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