Psychometric Assessment – Importance In Indian Education System

Psychometric tests are becoming very popular among Indian companies as an efficient method for recruiting eligible candidates. The importance of psychometric tests are just not limited to choosing a candidate based on his skills and aptitude, it can be also utilized by educationists and policy makers to bring about a positive change in the Indian education system. The education system in India has seen a sea change in recent times, mainly because of the outlook of the society. Earlier, education was viewed as a luxury, now it is a necessity and is being made compulsory. Efforts are being made to balance theoretical learning with workplace experience. Digital technology is being used to impart education. Psychometric career tests are a cost effective way to recruit teachers who are technologically sound and will be able to keep up with the changing trends of the Indian education system these online tests not only aid in a student’s holistic career growth but is also being used by the educational department of the government to bring about policy changes. After all education is a means to bring about social change and equality in the society.

Psychometric Assessment – Importance In Indian Education System

Rote learning and the examination system in India lacks a logical approach. The exams are not a way to find out the aptitude of a particular student. The child might be very good in studies and get A-grade in all subjects, yet that is not a yardstick to measure an individual’s interests, aptitude and behavioral traits. Here psychometric tests or online aptitude tests win, it can help student in different ways. Educational psychologists are of the opinion that psychometric tests should become the integral part of the examination system along with assessments on various subjects in the curriculum. This will give the students an idea about their skills, aptitude and areas of improvement. This makes them more confident and focused individuals. The results of the online psychometric tests will help teachers to know which skills they should impart to the students to make them ready to face the challenges. Another perennial problem student face is confusion regarding what subjects to take up for higher studies and what is scope of these subjects. Many students have a common query, whether they are fit for private or public sector jobs. A psychometric test gives an answer to this question. The tests are based on scientific analogy and the results are accurate and valid. The psychometric tests are eye openers since it gives realistic view to the students. Some educationists believe that if psychometric tests are used on a regular basis then India will be able to reach the International standards of education. Many teachers and students are still grappling with the modern technology that has become the part of the Indian education system because it doesn’t match with their potential, so psychometric tests can be utilized to find out alternative sources to build the required skills in both professionals and students.

The other area where psychometric tests can help is narrowing the gap between the present education system and meeting the demands of the job market and new career avenues that are becoming popular. The education system in India needs to be reformed and inclusion of psychometric test is imperative to bring about a change.

Career Guide assessment is in keeping with national goals and is essential for the socioeconomic development of the country. It is important that coming generations are well educated and the gap between the poor and rich disappear. Psychometric tests will ensure that young students choose careers based on their abilities that ultimately contribute to the country’s development. It will make youths ready for the jobs the country need. This will not only make the nation prosperous but also a happy nation.

Psychometric tests help in recruitment of well trained teachers who can bring out the best from the students. Those who aspire to be teachers appear for training programs and exams like Bachelor of Education (B. Ed.) and Teacher Eligibility Test (TET). However, they miss out on psychometric test that actually gives them the right assessment regarding their abilities, skills, interests and areas where they need improvement. Like student’s teachers also need to keep themselves updated at all times and thus online aptitude and education assessments are also required to test their intelligence and skills.

There are four essential attributes of an education system, they are- access, quality, efficiency and equity. All these attributes are interlinked. The concept of access comprise of three aspects- how learners travel to school, obstacles that prevent them from getting a formal education and promotion policies and practices that are influenced by quality of education provided. Educational quality can be determined by the goals and values mentioned in a curriculum, the nature of the learning environment and outcome of education. Efficiency suggests the optimal use of educational resources and facilities to improve the quality of education. The yardstick by which you can measure efficiency are- the nature of educational institutions functioning at provinces, regions and districts, the implementation of educational policies in each of these schools and colleges, the availability and allocation of human and financial resources and finally the number of learners who enter these schools and dropout or repeat grades. Equity suggests the inclusion of children irrespective of religion caste, gender and disability. The idea of equity also means to protest against unfair practices and discrimination. All these qualities needs to be present in an education system of a country to make it complete. How is that possible? Psychometric tests and regular educational assessment is a panacea that can solve all the existing problems of the education system like doing away with rigidity and including more vocational courses in the school and college syllabus. Education should more application based so that in the long run students can face the challenges at the workplace and become more self-reliant. Holistic education should always be child-centric and psychometric tests endeavor to fulfill this motto.

There is no dearth of excellent schools, colleges and Universities in India. Educational history of this country is equally rich. Yet, there are areas where education needs improvement like more flexibility in the system and developing infrastructure that prepares student for the challenges of life. Apart from studying mathematics, literature, science the student should be taught life skills to become successful in his job. Psychometric tests not only give direction to students regarding their choice of subjects after class 10 and recruitment process but also pin points where education system is lacking. Regular assessments and evaluation can help to develop a strong educational system which nurtures leaders for the future.

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