Planning For New Hairstyle For Summer? How About Making It Short?

Planning For New Hairstyle For Summer

A hairstyle is a crucial aspect that complements or dictates the choice of a perfect dress code. To many people, especially ladies, having a perfect hairstyle is all that matters. Perhaps, this is due to the outward visibility of hair. However, many of them freak out when the thought of short hairstyling comes in mind or is suggested. Factually, they see many other women who look excellently amazing with their short styles. Besides bringing an exquisite look, short hairstyles enables the appreciation of natural hair. They are also easy to manage and convenient regarding the budget. Lastly, manipulating short hair is much easier, unlike long hair.

That said, what are the short hairstyle ideas in summer? Highlighted below are some of the common and popular hairstyles you can rock this summer.

1. Curly Bobs and Bangs

Certain types of hairdos do not favor persons with curly hairs. However, this is not always the case as they have a myriad of options. Just to mention, the curly bobs and bangs are a perfect example of an exquisite style they can rock. This style provides extensive distribution of hair volume around the head putting off the split ends and dried parts of the hair developing into a healthy look. It is a perfect style to consider during the summer, that relaxes your hair after undergoing the tough and harsh conditions of winter.

2. The Buzz Cut

Among the oldest short hairstyle ideas in summer is the buzz cut. This style received a wide reception due to its nature, simplicity, easy manipulation and easy management. With such a short cut, you can certainly display your confidence with your outlook. To mash it up, an intriguing color dye such as brown color is perfect. Combined with simple make-ups including brows, facials, and eye-dos, get ready for a stunning look.

3. The Blunt Bob

Individuals with wavy and straight hair can have the blunt bob as their perfect style. Hair experts and designers elucidate various styles of the blunt bob. For short hairstyles, the classic blunt bob is a perfect choice. Not only will it match with various dress codes, but it will also draw your love in it. Nailing the precision of this style is the ultimate trick. This is determined by how your hair professional handles your hair. On your side, maintain a completely straight stature while being made. This is to facilitate a perfect middle vision.

4. The Undercut

Being an inception of Taraji P Henson, the undercut caught many people’s attention. So to say, this style screams undoubtable confidence and remarkable control of individual’s self-esteem. Just as the name suggests, this style involves a bold slight trimming of one side preferably under the ear. To complement this look, the rest of the hair is maintained at an average height. In reference to the inceptor’s way of undercut, it should stretch up to 4 inches above the ear. You can modify this according to own ideologies.

5. The Whispering Waves

The choppy layers that are featured in this modernized style are relatively softer and styled up, unlike the traditional shags. Achieving this hairdo is quite simple. Begin by extensive cleaning, drying and parting the hair to sides. You should then use a curling iron to make impressions on the ends of the strands. Undertaking this perfectly will result in soft hair that can be easily flipped to two opposite sides. The first cohort should be flipped out and away as the other group is flipped towards the face enhancing an asymmetrical finish. Apply some little texture spray to enhance its texture. It is a perfect hairs style choice for individuals with round and square faces.

6. Wavy, Shaggy Bangs

This adds to the list of exquisite curly hairdo options. As mentioned before, those with curly hair should not feel left behind especially if they decide to rock short hairstyles. A perfect example of a celebrity who nailed this style is Taylor Swift. Her bangs can really work for you. The key secrets to the success of this hairdo is a perfect U-shaped arch hanging low over the eyes.

7. Fun Swirl

The fun swirl is a feathered-out modification of the short and choppy pixie hairstyle. Its easy styling is the main reason behind the popularity of this style. Styling the fun swirl requires extra dried out hair lying in the same direction. A winged-out texture can be created by blow-drying the hair using a flat iron enhancing feathering out of the pieces. Finish up the hairdo by applying hair cream on the show off layers.


Rocking short hairstyles especially during summer is a prudent idea. For short hair, getting full expressions is quite simple. All you need to do is to make a perfect choice based on your face type. Besides, employ the services of a professional well-versed with short hair and use quality products.

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