Professional Year Perth: Overview Of Professional Year Program In Australia

Professional Year Perth: Overview Of Professional Year Program In Australia

Australia is one of the most desired after destinations for higher education. The reasons are different, but one important fact is that there are more than 1100 institutions in this country which offer 22,000 courses with world-class teachers and obviously – facilities. Today, students from almost every corner of the world come to Australia for higher education.

The Professional Year Program, also known as Professional Development Program, is a well-designed training course for international students who completed their degree in Engineering /IT /Accounting (minimum 2 years) from the Australian University.

Like elsewhere, all students are given certificates on successful completion of their courses. However, a certificate is not enough to get a job and enter the number of Australian skilled workers. The reason is that in a new undergraduate, there is not only theoretical knowledge with practical skills.

International students are getting jobs in Australia, which meet their skills and abilities and This fact cannot be rejected; it is a difficult challenge unless they have no local experience in their profession.

Under the Professional Year program, candidates are provided training related to work in their selected career areas. This practical training gives them an opportunity to use their theoretical skills in a practical way and helps them gain hands-on experience in performing various job assignments and other responsibilities.

Professional year program is fall for foreign students with a valid degree from one of the recognized universities of Australia. It lasts for 12 months and is currently available for accounting, computer science, and engineering students. Therefore, this course prepares students for a successful career in the country.

The main Aim of the Professional Year Program is to offer an executive conference for candidates where they can learn about Australian workplace culture and practices, business communication, and how they can use their skills on a practical basis as an employee.

The professional year program is an initiative of Australia’s population and border security government department. Demand for skilled workers in computers, IT and engineering in Australia is high. To maintain the number of skilled workers falling, the Government has started the Business Year program.

To complete training of 44 weeks (minimum) period, foreign students are used to be more qualified in the market. In essence, joining a business year program helps new graduates to prepare jobs in the market. Graduates under the Professional Year program are more than others; it is useful in understanding work culture and practices in Australia workplace. Learning to be practical and communicate within the workplace is useful.

In addition, this program is useful for earning 5 additional points from Immigration and Border Security for the permanent immigration department in Australia. This point has been given on successful completion of DIBP Point Test while applying for an independent (subclass 18) visa. This means that in order to obtain permanent residency in Australia, apart from jobs, students are eligible to apply for other migration points at the successful completion of the professional year program.

In Professional Year Program accounting, students complete them by providing the minimum 44-week program. The goal of this program is to increase the business skills of participants and expand their employment opportunities.

  • Theoretical component: Workshops and seminars provided by recognized education providers are included in the seminars.
  • Practical components: the unpaid internship with a hosting company provided by Australian internship at a later hand.

Application documents:-

  • Current restart and cover letter (in Word)
  • Certified copies of academic tape
  • Proof of English language proficiency (like IELTS – 6.00)
  • Color copy of passport
  • Copy of your 485 skilled graduation visa
  • Color passport photo (in hard form or as JPEG)

To apply for this visa, students must be eligible for appropriate skills and qualifications for children under 50 years of age and for study. In essence, a valid visa and degree certificate is required to be eligible for this program.

To be eligible for the Professional Year Perth, a student requires a full degree from Accountancy, Computer Science, and Engineering from Australia. A trained graduate (temporary) visa (sub-class 485), which allows students to stay in Australia for 18 months after completion of the degree.

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