Rise In Demand Of Ready Made Curtains Than Custom Designed Ones And Buying Tips

Rise In Demand Of Ready Made Curtains Than Custom Designed Ones And Buying Tips

Windows of a room are the most significant element to make a design statement and to reflect your style and taste. Many homeowner look for custom designed curtains to get exactly what they need but there are several homeowners who opt for readymade curtains.

There is a steep rise in demand for the ready made curtains over the years as most people look for convenient shopping and that too in quick time. Well, there are several other reasons for such a noticeable surge in demand and an influx of readymade curtains in the market. Let us start with the benefits.

The Pros

Homeowners are usually drawn to the convenience factor of the ready made curtains and that includes:

  • Quick and easy solution – you can change the look of your room in a matter of hours starting from purchase to installation but for custom designed ones you will have to wait till it is completed.
  • Get what you want – You will have a wide and unique variety to choose from and you can get the right type of fabric, color and design to suit your purpose and style exactly.
  • Economic – Buying readymade curtains are more economic as compared with the custom made ones as these are produce in a mass scale.
  • Budget – Being economical, the readymade curtains will fit in precisely and perfectly with your budget, especially if you are living in a hairline budget.
  • Size and dimension – The readymade curtains are manufactured for all standard and popular shapes and sizes of windows therefore will fit your windows too, provided it does not have any peculiar requirements.

Few Buying Tips

When buying ready made curtains you will have to look beyond the aesthetic purpose and the complementing factor of your interior decor. You will also have to look for the functionality of the curtains which is to keep the light out to halt fading of the upholstery as well as keeping the room warm. You must take a look at the fabric as well and choose one according to your need and choice. You will get pure cotton fabric and also with 50% cotton or polyester lining. Apart from that you will have to look at the pattern and texture, color and thickness, pleats and designs and even the washing instructions.

Rise In Demand Of Ready Made Curtains Than Custom Designed Ones And Buying Tips

Get The Right Measure

As the readymade curtains are manufactured in bulk aimed at the standard windows of a room, it is advised that you measure the size precisely to make your purchase worthy. Of course you can always get it altered according to your need but care should be taken about such alteration as too much of it may kill the appeal of the curtain.

Measure your window with a metal tape as this will give your more accuracy. If you want to get the right measurement you should get the right width and for this it is best to measure the pole instead of the window. Follow the rule of thumb in this aspect and extend at least 15cm on either side of the window.

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