Regular MBAs are Passé, Get an MBA in Entrepreneurship Instead

There was a time when occupying the top chair in the world of corporates used to be the dream job of MBA graduates in India. However, winds of change have brought in an unprecedented level of change in this ambition which now veers more towards the global phenomenon of ‘starting up’. After all, entrepreneurs are their own bosses and get to shape their future and career with a clearly defined ambition.

Today’s world is all about innovation and disruption, and for marketing majors, to stay ahead of the curve is to carve your own path. However, traditional MBA still rules the roost in major institutions of the country. This is where, as an MBA hopeful who has always dreamt of starting-up, you can differentiate yourself from the rest of the pack and learn the tricks of the trade in entrepreneurship – something not many claim to have expertise in.

Yet, the good news is that a few of the top management colleges in India, such as IILM University, Gurugram, have created experiential learning model-based MBA programmes which cater almost exclusively to training and developing future entrepreneurs. On that note, here are four reasons why you should pursue an MBA which places a strong emphasis on Entrepreneurship over a regular MBA:


  • It teaches you to be a better entrepreneur


Personality development is an extremely important part of any prospective entrepreneur. Your confidence, mannerisms, communication skills, and the ability to sell your idea are not just inherent habits. They can be taught and polished incredibly well in the right learning environment, something which an MBA in entrepreneurship always guarantees. Moreover, as you also get to learn the basics of finance, management, business, administration, and more – skills and knowledge which are essential for anyone looking to start-up a business of his or her own.


  • It provides you with all the tools to scale up your idea


One of the key aspects of an MBA which caters to grooming entrepreneurs is that not only does the course work on you at an individual level, but also provides you with excellent opportunities to develop your idea into an innovation and mould it into a business model. With personal mentors who will work constantly on your personality and your idea, you will get the advantage of using an MBA programme to scale up your idea into a reality. The curriculum will also allow you to learn from real life case studies and student activities and implement your learnings to further augment your entrepreneurial innovation.


  • It boosts your networking opportunities


Industry exposure is the name of the game in an MBA in entrepreneurship, something that might be lacking in regular MBAs. You get to interact with world class facility, mentors, teachers, and even like-minded colleagues who can all guide you in your quest for launching your start-up. Regular seminars, workshops and interactive sessions with established entrepreneurs and business leaders also provides students with a great opportunity to not only practice one’s communication and selling skills but also expand and enhance one’s network.


  • It brings you much needed exposure to top level management


Finally, an MBA in entrepreneurship also allows you to experience shifts and participate in internships at the top corporates and organisations of the world. Such exposure and experience provides you with the ideal environment to observe, learn and adopt a successful management and business framework in your own future venture.

All in all, an MBA in entrepreneurship is the proverbial ladder to success for students with ambitions of starting up one day or having plans of expanding and controlling their family business.

If you are looking for a PGDM college in Delhi NCR for acing your entrepreneurship skills, then we recommend IILM’s innovative MBA programme. Its globally benchmarked curriculum focuses on exposure in the best practices in business, management and entrepreneurship with a specially curated 4-week Global Study programme. As a student of MBA in entrepreneurship, you will also be able to avail tailored mentorship while benefitting from the exclusive ‘Content, Context, Contacts’ methodology to develop your innovations and launch your start-ups. Moreover, the Entrepreneurship Development Centre helps a lot in this aspect by arranging interactions with leaders and established entrepreneurs.

It’s time to stop joining the bandwagon and enrol in an MBA course that will actually matter in the long run.

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