Jay Alan Blackmore’s Vision About Traveling and Photography On A Budget

Jay Alan Blackmore’s Vision About Traveling and Photography On A Budget

We have all had those young days of saving each and every penny to go out on a vacation with the friends, quite possibly somewhere breath-taking, exotic and stunningly scenic. traveling to destinations different than the one you habituate in is not only a remedy for broken hearts and change of mood. Studies showed, traveling actually could help a person heal, both mentally and physically. What’s better when you’re traveling is an added advantage to exercise one of your favorite pastimes- photography. Jay Alan Blackmore thinks that knack for landscape photography is something we have all dreamt of at least once in our life. Quite possibly, you were or are the photographer of your group, always making the best of people and sceneries as you go along capturing more than just memories.

But that is not all that we will talk about today. Monetary assistance is one of the integral sections that can make and break a trip! Imagine all the places you almost decided to go to and never really ended up going there! Why? Fell short of cash. Well, today, we will tell you how to pack a blockbuster traveling and photography trip while being on a budget!

  • Click Budget: Photography is a passion. Photography is also expensive. The right gear for an excellent photo would take up half your travel budget. Lenses, caring kit and the parallel are necessary and therefore we would like to put in a few suggestions. If you are in fact going all the way out, pack wide-angle lenses so that you can cover the best of the sceneries. Always rely on natural lighting since artificial lighting would not only be an added cost but an added itinerary to carry.
  • Pack less: Thanks to the rampant technological advancements, mobile phones these days pack powerful cameras. If we are on a strict budget, let’s cut the excess DSLR headache and click all you want in your phone. You wouldn’t believe how professional they look with the right kind of lighting and skill.
  • Post short-cuts: Usually photographers spend a lot in their post-production. In our case, we can go the easy way and download android/IOS apps or free desktop applications to add that touch of perfection to our pictures.
  • Cut to the chase: As per Jay Alan Blackmore that when on a budget, travel only to the core destinations that would not only fulfill your photography fever but will also helps you view the destination from its best angles.
  • Let the locals guide the way: Who better to guide you to the best places than the locals who are aware of the nooks and crannies of the destination. With the local’s guidance, you won’t ever be disappointed landing up in a place you never wanted to visit.
  • A group is better than one: When you travel in a pack, you cut cost a lot. In fact, traveling with a group allows you to have helping hands whenever required with your photography.

Even though travel photography cannot be quantified by budgeting, this is actually one of the best ways to fulfill both your past-time knacks and recreational requirements.

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