Mistakes To Avoid That Causes Puffiness And Dark Circles

Mistakes To Avoid That Causes Puffiness And Dark Circles

You are prepping up for a very important job interview or a romantic date that you have been looking forward to for months. You already have the perfect outfit planned out. You feel good, confident and sexy. But when you take a look at the mirror (when you are about to put makeup on), you noticed that you look tired than usual. You take a closer look to your eyes and lo and behold, there they are, your biggest enemies—dark circles and puffiness.

We all have experienced this at one point, When everything seems great then suddenly eye puffiness and dark circles are there to ruin the day! Before you blame them, have you ever stopped and thought that maybe you are committing some mistakes that may have caused their development? Well, maybe you are!

To help prevent this from happening ever again, here are some of the mistakes that you need to avoid doing:

1. Sleeping On Your Side

How do you sleep? Do you sleep on your side or your back? If you do sleep on your side, then do not be surprised if you will wake up with your eyes all dark and puffy. Why is this so? When you sleep on your side, the fluid in your body tends to accumulate in your eyes which result to puffiness and sometimes, dark circles. So if you want to get rid of your eye problems, avoid sleeping on your side. Try to sleep on your back instead!

2. Too Much Salt Consumption

Do you love to eat French fries, fried chicken, pizza or burgers? If so, then don’t come running back to mama when you notice the formation of dark circles around your eyes. This is because eating too much salt may cause water retention in the body and oftentimes, water retention is manifested by eye puffiness.

To avoid this, we recommend reducing your salt intake. You can also try eating fruits like cucumber because it can help flush out toxins from the body which can address water retention and eye puffiness.

3. Using The Wrong Eye Cream

We all know how important using eye cream is when it comes to keeping signs of aging at bay. But using the wrong eye cream may do more harm than good. That’s why you should be careful in choosing an eye cream. When looking for one, opt for products in gel formula because it is easily absorbed by the skin. Plus, look for ones that contain red algae, plant extracts and peptides like the First Aid Beauty Eye Duty Triple Remedy AM Gel Cream. These substances help to hydrate the eyes and reduce fine lines and dark circles.

4. Excessive Eye Rubbing

When we lack sleep or when we have allergies, our eyes tend to be a bit itchy and of course, the normal response would be to rub our eyes until the itchiness is relieved. While this may seem harmless, the friction that is created between your hands and the skin surrounding the eye area may cause damage to the capillaries and arteries under the eyes. And since the skin surrounding the eyes is thin and delicate, the damage can be easily seen, leading to dark circles. To avoid this, stop yourself from rubbing your eyes too much. If your eyes are feeling a bit itchy, you can try relieving them by applying a cold compress or refrigerated tea bags or spoon on your eyes.

5. Not Removing Eye Makeup

Do you have the time to put on eye makeup but you do not have the energy or time to remove it at night before you go to bed? Well, that is one of the biggest mistakes that you can ever make! Aside from the fact that it will lead to blemishes and breakouts, not remove your makeup is also one of the biggest causes of dark circles.

Makeup residue can certainly cause irritation to the eyes which will prompt you to rub it again and again, and we already know what excessive rubbing can do to your skin. To prevent this, we recommend taking the time to remove your makeup, no matter how busy you are. You should also be careful in choosing makeup removers—opt for mild and gentle ones.

Shy away from committing these mistakes and rest assured—you will never ever suffer from puffiness and dark circles ever again!

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